[Media Invite] Klarity CC Miracle White Lotion

Mothers need to stay youthful & beautiful.  I believe a mother should learn to take good care of her well-being so that she would be healthy enough to take care of her family & presentable enough to make her husband proud.  While 1 should not neglect these, there is no need to spend too much money & time on these too.

I was so fortunate to be invited to Klarity product launch recently, which otherwise I may not have known of Klarity Lastertox CC Miracle White Lotion, a skincare product which is inexpensive, yet effective.

The  CC  Miracle  White  Lotion  boasts  of whitening  effects,
allowing  one  to become at least one tone lighter.
Enriched with diamond powder and wild rosehip  extract,
the  lotion  gives  one  an  instant  glow  after  application & helps to prolong skin youthfulness.

I use BB cream occasionally, especially during formal occasions when I want a more polished look.  But the texture of BB cream is a little too thick for our humid weather.  When I got to try Klarity Lastertox CC Miracle White Lotion, I was quite surprised by the light texture & the instant glow I have achieved.  As it comes with SPF30, I happily skipped the sunscreen!  It is parafen free too, which is important to me.

Ever since I have started using Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion, I have ditched my BB cream & am not looking back.

My neckline has obvious shades difference.  After applying Klarity Lasertox Miracle CC Whitening Lotion, you can see that the skin on the neck is more even out.

Klarity products are available at online store Secretive.  Please do go check them out!

More photos are available at mylilbookworm facebook fanpage.


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