Wings of Time in Sentosa

I cannot remember when was the last time I watched laser light water mist show in Sentosa.  I think it could be decades ago, when it was still free, yay, the Musical Fountain era.  The most recent laser light show I have watched was at Marina Bay Sand.

I heard about the the new Wings of Time that has replaced Songs of Sea but it still didn't move me to go & watch it.  However, since I have close friends coming up from the South to visit their friends in this hot & humid island, I thought this could be 1 of the things they could do in Sentosa.  So, we went.  Fortunately, they enjoyed the show!  And here's some shots I have taken from my moisten android phone.  Oh, & remember, do read about the story of Wings of Time first to better appreciate the laser light show.

The night view at 8.40pm show was not as fantastic as 7.40pm.
If you can, watch the 7.40pm show when it is not that dark &
when daylight is longer, you may even catch the glorious sunset.

The premium seats are located at the back rows in the centre, they are priced at $23.  They guarantee you the best view & the least chance of getting wet.  Yes, you will get wet, be prepared for that.  The water mist is powerful & those people sitting in the front row should literally wear a raincoat, & keep all their electronic gadgets away.  As the water they used was seawater, be prepared to taste salty (on yr lips) & do try to plan this activity as the last activity of the night so that you could head off for a shower at home (salt residue will rest on your skin & clothes).

The standard tickets are $18 for non-residents & $15 for residents (S'poreans & PRs). You may buy tickets online via Sentosa website ($1 booking fee for each category regardless of the no. of tickets purchased).  BUT I bought mine via Qoo10 (huge savings!) at $12.50 (non-residents category).

The Wings of Time is walking distance from the Sentosa Beach station.


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