AJ's 8th Birthday - A Magical Party

About a month ago, we celebrated AJ’s 8th birthday.  It was a weekday because his school was closed for final marks collation (after final exam).  It so happened to be his actual birthday.  I decided to splurge a little this year as I think there won’t be many more years of such party as he grows older??

I had planned for an excursion to the Seletar farms but the logistic of it killed me.  So I dropped that idea.  Subsequently I decided on a magic workshop for all the children.  Some parents asked why not a magic show?  I think children of this age group would appreciate a magic workshop where they could learn some tricks than to simply watch a magic show.

So I contacted E Magical Moment and details were fixed.

Invitation cards to friends

I cracked my head on the cake design for AJ.  I wanted a magician theme so I told my very talented baker friend Lynn to design one.  I leave it very much to her hand, trusting her instinct very much.  So she came up with this.  Awesome right? 

I have also engaged another very talented friend, Diana from Mumcraft, to do face painting for the children.  She is so skilful that even the parents of AJ’s classmates were awed. 

Diana's Face Painting Kit.  She uses non-toxic paint.

As for lunch, I have arranged a simple yet delicious Nasi Lemak bento from Kiang’s Nasi Lemak which is run by another friend of mine.

What's inside the Nasi Lemak Bento Set Lunch?

The programme started at 11.30am with lunch and non-toxic face painting first.  So some ate their lunch, some painted their faces. No downtime.  Everyone was kept entertained.  :)

You may have noticed, the colour theme is red, black and white.

The children were excited to have their faces and arms painted while the parents sat back and relax, chit chatting over the delicious Nasi Lemak bento lunch.

We cut the cake at about 12.50pm so that the magic workshop could commence at 1pm.

Ready for cake cutting

Blowing the candle

The Magic kit that Bertram, the trainer from E Magicial Moment, brought along.

A welfie! Thank you E Magical Moment for the awesome tricks!

And here are 2 videos on the tricks that Bertram has taught the children.  He taught them 4 tricks but AJ needed more time to polish up the other 2 tricks!  :P

Click link here if you can't view the video

Click link here if you can't view the video

We wished to express our thanks to E Magical Moment, Lynn, Mumcraft and Kiang’s Nasi Lemak for their generous discounts to help make this birthday celebration a most memorable one for AJ.  Should you like to have their contacts, here they are:

E Magical Moment
Website: http://www.emagicalmoment.com/
Email: enquiry@emagicalmoment.com
Mobile: 8235 1615

Website: http://www.mumcraft.com/
Email: chubbbyanecdotes@gmail.com

Website: http://lynnlly.com/bakedcooked/
Email: lynnen78@gmail.com

Kiang's Nasi Lemak
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiangs-Nasi-Lemak/217095171690737
Mobile: 9686 6001


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