Singing The Bible Verses: The Scripture In Song

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As I age, my memory deteriorates, especially the long-term memory.  I survive well with short term memory though.  But when I listen to oldies, of songs I learnt to sing 30 over years ago, I could probably still sing a few lines or even more.  Why is that so?  It seems to prove that we remember words better through songs (read the article by CNN here).  So then, we can confidently say one of the best ways to memorise bible verses is through songs?

Nearly 10 years ago, God gave this man a vision to put the bible verses into songs.  The tunes, he composed himself.  This man is none other than my pastor, Rev (Dr.) Prabhudas Koshy.  So the first Scripture in Song DVD was conceived in 2005.

The Scripture in Song DVD was conceived even before AJ was born!

  The 40-minute video of the first Scripture in Song is available in youtube too.

Both AJ and us have benefitted much from this.  We can now sing these verses from memory and can quote them without having to refer to the Bible!  Wasn't it wonderful that we are able to teach our children to memorise scripture easily?


9 years on, the church is ready for the second Scripture in Song DVD.  Not only that, we will have a song presentation on 20th Dec!

AJ, together with many children who were not featured in the first DVD, will be featured in the second one.  Here are some behind the scenes images:

An outdoor shooting at Punggol Park

An indoor shooting at Rev. Paul Cheng's house in Woodlands

The Bible Witness team of Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church has laboured hard to bring this to you,
would you like to join us for a time of singing praises unto the Lord on 20th Dec?

With this post, I hereby conclude my monthly series of ‘Book Reviews for Parents' for 2014.  I hope you have enjoyed reading them thus far.  There will be new focus next year, do come visit my blog on 1st Jan 2015!


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