A Mad Science Birthday Party


Ever since AJ started Primary 1, I try to have educational birthday parties for him. I think that is more meaningful. Learning through play is more beneficial than just play, moreover, these are children with formal education.

So I planned a D-I-Y Science party for him in 2013, then had a partially sponsored Magic workshop party for him in 2014. This year, Mad Science has kindly sponsored a 'Reactions-in-Action' Mad Science party for him. And it turned out to be 1 of the best birthday parties he has ever had!

After the bento lunch, the children were all ready for a blast. They saw the set up, and simply couldn't wait for it to start. They were what any teacher would ask for - eager, yet quiet and attentive!

Th first experiment was Burning Money. The children watched how the Rupiah note was burnt yet remained unscorched! Before the Mad Scientist explained the rationale behind, one smart boy from AJ's class already shouted out the reason!

The second experiment was Instant Snow Demonstration. The children learnt how instant snow can be created in sunny Singapore!

Feeling the texture of this artificial snow 

The children also learnt how Hydrophobic Sand works and its usefulness.  And the familiar glow sticks! The children may have played with them before but may not have known the science behind it. The Mad Scientist explained what is Chemiluminescence - a chemical reaction makes light sticks glow.

What happens when you add Acid to Alkali - HCI(aq) NaOH(aq)? A fizzy reaction! The end result is salt water but the children simply loved seeing the fizzy reaction! But before that experiment, the 2 boys learnt the trick of balancing half-filled cans.

Cool trick!

Up next was the Plasma Ball Demonstrations where the children got to see how electricity was transmitted. Through this experiment, they knew for sure their own body is a better conductor than a florescent light bulb! 

Then, everyone got to taste the Big Burp (sublimated carbon dioxide smoke), played with dry ice foam and got a Mad Science shower!

And the Grand Finale was make-and-take-home slime that glows in the dark!

A simple set up yet full of fun. This year's party was indeed very enjoyable.

I would like to end this post with a big thanks to the team from Mad Science Party. It's a fabulous party I wouldn't have asked for more. The children had fun yet learnt so much. If you are interested to arrange for a Mad Science Party for your children, please contact Mad Science at:

Website: http://singapore.madscience.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madsciencesingapore/
Email: madsciencepartysg@gmail.com
Contact No.: 91680366

Mad Science is currently running a Mad Science Camp during this school holiday. If you are keen, please register here. Please use promo code MS CAMP 15 to enjoy $60 off camp fees. The camp fees include all equipment, materials, take homes and lunch. Offer will expire 18 Dec 2015 and it is not valid with other promotions and discounts.



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