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I recalled when my son first started Primary 1, he lost his water bottles thrice over three days. Fortunately they were recovered. There was even once he nearly wore the wrong shoes because his classmate had the same shoes and size as him. Other than those mentioned, he lost pencils and erasers numerous times. It was a common scene, many of my mummy friends told me. I guess so too. But I thought I could have done more, that is, to tag all of my son’s belonging to save the anxiety. Back then I didn’t know of such wonderful product called StickerKid.

AJ is going to a new school next year. Though he is now 3 years older, I am not taking any chance. Now that I have StickerKid to alleviate my anxiety over losing items, I am more sure that there would be less chance of losing things or lost items be recovered faster. 

StickerKid is a Swiss company and every sticker that you are going to order comes from there. The customized stickers can withstand dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, they are of superb condition (each label is protected with a thin plastic layer to ensure it withstand any challenge)! 

Is your child going to Childcare Centre, Kindergarten or Primary 1 next year? You should really look into these stickers and start labelling your child’s belonging.

The Discover Stickerkid package (pack of 94 stickers) which consists of 60 small stickers (46 x 6 mm), 14 shoe stickers (38 x 40 mm)and 20 clothing stickers (48 x 12 mm) is going at $19.95 only. Don't just take my word for it, go on and try. It is truly value-for-money!

Ordering is just as simple. The instructions are clear and what you see is what you get.

Delivery takes about 2 weeks, so if you are planning for 2016, it may be good to start ordering now. The labels will be arriving via normal postage. Enjoy your online shopping and do recommend it to your friends if you find the quality good! Good things are meant to share! 

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