JJ's Science Adventure: Heat & Light

Maybe it is in the boys - they generally love Maths and Science more than languages, whereas the girls are quite the opposite. AJ has a gift for Maths and he loves Science.

Ever since he came across The Elements last year, he has gone crazy over The Periodic Table and anything by Theodore Gray, including the silly Elements song which he could sing non-stop (see the youtube video here).

He also likes to do experiments, so 2 years ago I bought a book on Science experiments. We did some experiments on weekend whenever we can.  

He has read all the Horrible Science and Murderous Maths we could find in public libraries. I have borrowed tonnes of Bill Nye's DVDs for him to watch. I have almost exhausted the resources I could have to get suitable reading materials for him.

Just a year ago, we were gifted JJ's Science Adventure: Magnets. AJ loves it and I can truly understand why as I have read it myself too! You may want to read about my review here. This year, we managed to get hold of JJ's Science Adventure: Heat & Light for AJ and he was so elated.  It didn't come as a surprise that he finished reading it in one sitting and revisited this comic book several times.

These two comic books are so good that I decided to order in bulk from Harvest Edutainment to give them away as AJ's Mad Sciences Birthday Party door gift!

Bulk purchase!

AJ's Mad Sciences Birthday Party Door Gift

Aurelia, the brain behind JJ's Science Adventure, noticed that children learned better when they are interested or got emotionally engaged. Thus, the stories in these comic books have a science fiction fantasy setting. She also uses striking graphics and intriguing narratives to draw readers into the characters' world. Best of all, the key teaching points for each book adhere closely to the Ministry of Education's science syllabus. They are printed in colour and in bold (see illustrations below - reprinted with permission).

As you can see, those learning points are great! The visual aids made those learning points easier to remember too! I have little wonder why AJ did well in the topic on Magnets in his Science paper. The comic book - JJ's Science Adventure: Magnets really helps a lot!

Each of JJ's Science Adventure is retailing at S$18.90, if you are interested to get them for your little ones, you could visit this website to check out where to get them: http://www.harvestedutainment.com/where-to-buy.html. In my opinion, the comic books are suitable for 7YO and up if your kids are more advance. Otherwise, a 9YO could understand the concepts taught in the books pretty easily.


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