Don't Just Brush, Brush With Playbrush


Most children do not like brushing teeth, do you agree? My one at home is the same. The brushing time in the bathroom is roughly 30 seconds, but the playtime in the bathroom (play with soap and water lah) can be up to 30 minutes if mummy is not at home.

I wondered how many thousands have I spent on his tooth fillings already, haiz. The dentist even suggested me to brush his teeth once a week, just to make sure his teeth are well-brushed. Boohoo!

We tried getting him character toothbrush, it didn't help much. We then switched to electronic brush, it didn't take long before he said he wanted to switch back to manual ones. I tried all kinds of toothbrush I think suitable for children on him, just hoping that he will eventually find one he likes and could brush better.

But the Playbrush changed it all. Suddenly, the boy is keen to brush his teeth, and brush them well some more. How did Playbrush do this magic?

Watch this 3-minutes video to see how it works.

Playbrush is a unique smart device that connects easily to any manual toothbrush, transforming it into a gaming controller. It’s primary objective is to encourage children & young-at-hearts (parents can join in the fun too!) to playfully brush their teeth. With Playbrush we motivate our children to brush regularly, for longer period of time and with greater accuracy.

It is a bit like magic: You simply place your child's normal manual toothbrush into the Playbrush gadget and immediately the toothbrush turns into a gaming controller. Now, you can start a Playbrush Game on any smartphone or tablet and the Playbrush device automatically connects. Henceforth, your child (and maybe even yourself) will be able to solve fun & instructional challenges whilst brushing his/her teeth. 

Because Playbrush makes a game out of cleaning your child's teeth, it thus creates a positive atmosphere around toothbrushing. Shoot Crobies, fly planes and save the tooth fairy – all just by brushing his/her teeth, not fingers! No more stress in the bathroom, only great fun!

There are a total of 4 games you can download. I suggest you download 1 at a time first so that the child is not overwhelmed and you have some 'bullets' on hand. When he/she gets bored with the first game, you can then introduce the second game. Also, you want to use the points you won to redeem for prizes, so it is good to play 1 game first to accumulate more points.

The motion sensors in the Playbrush record how your child brush his/her teeth (place, duration and speed) and a specific game algorithm helps children to brush for long enough and everywhere in their mouth. Real time feedback in the form of brushing statistics as well as a unique reward system is encouraging children to brush more accurately and regularly (2 minutes twice a day).

So now, your child's humble manual toothbrush has been transformed into a game controller! Do you know Playbrush can be attached to almost any manual toothbrush and with up to 6 profiles per device? Yes, one family can easily share one Playbrush! And that's what we did! Also, you do not require Internet to play and brush, you only need Bluetooth (and a mobile device) to start your brushing adventure!

The Playbrush official website has a comprehension page where they answer to many queries that you might have, do take a look here. And if you are keen to get one (which is a worthwhile investment since up to 6 family members can share one), you may use this promo code on Playbrush website: PBSG2016 to get $20 off from the retail price of $89.

Have fun Playing and Brushing!


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