Photogenic Beauty With Astalift Red and White Series

[Media Invite]

You know you have aged when you started to look out for Collagen drinks and Collagen facial products diligently. I know I have lost significant collagen when my long-time-no-see friend commented that I have slimmed down when in actual fact, I have put on weight from when we last met. My cheeks have sunk in because of the lost of collagen, converting my oval face to an angular face.

I have been watching 女人我最大 (Taiwan version) since June this year and I accidentally found the Singapore version in youtube. The Singapore version uploaded on youtube is just snippets, not full versions, and then I chanced into this collagen drink demo.

I must say, I was super duper impressed with this brand's collagen drink. I think you would too, if you watch this demo. I have made it a point to get this brand of collagen drink after I have finished my current one (not the same brand). I have got to try it man!

Little did I expect, I received a media invite from this same brand on their new product launch a few days later. Wow! Gotta check it out what they have, I say!

And the 3 new products that Astalift launched were Moist Lotion, White Essence Infilt and White Shield Supplement.

One of the key components to anti-aging is really anti-oxidant. Yes, oxygen may be good for our lung and brain, oxidised stuff is not. That is why I drink Kangen Water, because it has the strongest and most sustainable anti-oxidant component.  I feel that the same principle should apply to skincare products as well. True enough, I saw this with my own eyes in this live demonstration during the media launch, and I was completely sold!

The all-new Astalift Moist Lotion renews the skin by removing damaged cells and collagen built up under the skin due to aging and UV rays, and rebuilds your skin with new high-density collagen. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin with its small molecules, reaching to all corners of the skin while removing dead cells and renew collagen cells.

Enhanced with nano-dispersion technology and high clarity ingredients, the Astalift White Essence Infilt creates translucent skin and a healthy glow and firmness. It carries Fujifilm's proprietary beauty ingredient Nano Oryzanol to boost the product's beauty effect by ten-fold.

And the new Astalift White Shield Supplement contains rare low-molecular pure collagen that accelerates the secretion of growth hormones, nature's beauty essence vital for skin repair, elasticity and hydration. This oral supplement comprises of Fujifilm's proprietary red anti-oxidant beauty ingredients to suppress and diffuse melanin production.

Would you like to have your hands on them? Astalift's products are available in Wisma Atria and JEM stores, as well as BHG Bishan now! And be sure to take advantage of Astalift's monthly promotion too!


About Astalift and Fujifilm Singapore
Fujifilm Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation, Japan, is best-known for all Fujifilm products such as photo imaging and digital products, data storage media, graphic arts, medical and life science products for more than 30 years in Singapore.

Applying its proprietary knowledge in Nano-technology for exposing and colour developing in film, Fujifilm created Astalift, an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy.

Fujifilm's strengths in image analyzing technologies, gleaned from its vast experience in the photogenic and medical fields, have also been used in skin tone reproduction technology to enhance one's looks in the cosmetics field.


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