Glow With Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink


I have passed 40, and I am not shy about it. Passing the golden 40 could mean half of my life journey on earth is gone (Psalm 90:10), but it may also mean I have another 40 years to go, God willing.

To live the rest of my life on earth healthily, fit and beautiful is my goal. Call it mid-life crisis if you want, I would say I have not taken such close attention to my health, fitness and wellness that closely like I do now.

I know, once we reach adulthood, most of our cells stop growing except our skin cells. The cycle of cell production and replacement takes about 28 days, skin cells die, slough off, and are replaced by new skin cells. However the process slows down with age. Our skin cells needs nutrients to grow, when they receive little nutrients the entire cell renewal process slows down resulting in appearance of various skin problems. Sounds sad right?

And so I tried taking Avalon™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink, the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains Young Orchid Stem Cells. It is enhanced with Litchi Seed Extract, Premium French Marine Collagen and a combination of Fruit Extracts, which serve to help:

  • Repairing and rejuvenating damaged skin cells 
  • Hydrating dry skin
  • Brightening dull skin
  • Tightening pores
  • Tightening sagging skin 
  • Reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

A 50ml bottle drink consume every night before bedtime for 7 consecutive nights to help me resolve 6 major skin problems. How cool and easy is that? I especially like its sparkling and refreshing citric taste.

Unlike most beauty drink in the market that have thick texture and strong flavour, Avalon™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is made with Sparkling Water that actually helps to boost nutrients absorption and promotes skin metabolism! 

You can drink straight from the bottle, I'm just showing you how it looks like.
It tastes best when chilled. So you may like to keep the bottles in the fridge.

The magic behind Avalon™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the Young Orchid Stem CellsOrchids were used to promote good health and cure diseases by the ancient Chinese, ancient Aztecs brewed a strength potion from its flowers to obtain power over their enemies. Europeans used it in Love potions and the Greeks used it for fertility. Today, Orchid extracts (the flower as a whole) are use in multiple varieties of products including hair care, body care, and skincare products. However, researchers have found a breakthrough in an untapped part of Orchids; its stem cells.  Research discovered Orchid Stem Cell is a powerful antioxidant and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties, particularly the young orchid stem cells. They protect the skin from environmental damages while hydrating and renewing our skin cells thus making it an excellent youth revitaliser which works on almost all skin types.

In 7 days you can feel your skin being more supple and hydrated, and in 28 days (our skin renews itself every 28 days) you can see your skin tone brightens up looking more radiant, pores appears to be tighter, wrinkles and fine lines will also look lighter now that your skin is more supple. 

Lest you think I bluff you, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is also highly recommended in Lady First Singapore Season 4 (女人我最大-新加坡版).

Keen to try? The Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is retailing at $69.90 for a box of 10 bottles (50ml each). It is available at Watsons, Unity Pharmacy, ALT, OG, Robinsons, Yue Hwa and Hi-Beau.

Now, you could enjoy 20% (promo code: TSS-20OFF) when you shop at Hi-Beau.  On top of that, Sample Store (from SingPost) will also be having a giveaway on 17th Oct. Head on to Sample Store to read more of Avalon STem Cell Beauty Drink reviews and participate in Sample Store Facebook giveaway on 17th Oct!


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