Learning Digital Filmmaking With Dummies

Yesterday was the last day of exam for AJ, yay! I studied very hard with him, because it is a new curriculum to us and resources are limited. I don’t get to find suitable assessment books easily in bookstores or online. I’m so glad it is over now, and I have gained some experience walking with my son through in this new curriculum. Of course, the next frightening moment is the results. But, whatever it may be may be, we will try our best to be as cool as possible as parents.

Are you planning for year-end activities for your kiddos now? I have already planned out the November schedule, haha. I was fortunate to be gifted of this book during the September school holiday and AJ and I went through it within a week working on this project.

It is actually a 4-week DIY skill-learning project book suitable for kids 10 years old and above. They would read the book, do the mini projects paced out in 4 weeks and learn a new skill along the way. It is pretty fun if the topic (digital filmmaking) is of interest to the kids, they can work with their siblings, with friends or parents (grandparents too). Because it is DIY, you can speed up (like us) or slow down, it is entirely up to your schedule.

The book that I am reviewing is Digital Filmmaking for Kids. Digital filmmaking is the process of creating and telling a story or presenting information through the art of film using digital video cameras. It involves taking an idea, turning it into a story and a script, storyboarding the script into a series of images, recording the actors performing the script using video cameras and microphones, transferring the video clips from the camera to a computer, and editing the footage into the final film. Whoosh! That seems like a long and complicated process, but this book makes it fun and engaging. What’s more, it promotes a lot of self-learning and discovery, which are important elements in learning. Moreover, there aren’t many places your child can discover and develop filmmaking knowledge and skills, so this book fills in the gap nicely.

In this book, your child will:

  • Explore the different types of camera shots and angles that can be used.
  • Discover how to record sound using onboard and external microphones.
  • Find out about how to light the scenes and add mood using natural light and extra lights.
  • Edit the recorded film using editing tool.
  • Create, film, and edit a 60-second film trailer.
  • Explore ways to share the newly created films with others.
  • Create, film and edit info film or documentary.
  • Audition people to play the characters in the film.
  • Create a story, write a script, create a storyboard, and then film and edit the short film

While that sounds very intensive, the book makes them in bite-sizes and it is actually pretty easy to follow. The book also has useful icons displayed to indicate some highlights. I personally find this very useful.

Beyond this book, the author also created a lot of extra content that the child could go online to read up like these below. How thoughtful!

Digital filmmaking is simpler and less expensive than traditional filmmaking because of digital cameras. The importing and editing process is also simpler, thus making digital filmmaking easier for young children to handle and manage.

I love it when the book also explains how a camera works in relation to how our vision works. The pictorial illustrations make it so easy for children to comprehend. On top of that, the book also briefly explains the types of video camera available and explain which one to use for which occasions. In fact, I have learnt a lot from the book when it shares on Enhancing your shots, Adding mood with lighting, etc. Best of all, I truly love it when the kids could self-taught a skill through reading and practices. If your kids do love video filming, do consider getting this book. It is available in major bookstores locally or you may purchase the e-book here.

Welcome to the magical world of filmmaking  


  1. I was hoping to get a tips or two from the title of the post because I believe more and more people are moving into video content creation. Well, maybe I should just pick up this book and learn from there :)

  2. That's interesting! And one of the great things about learning from books/ videos is that you can go at it at your own pace. I'd love to see AJ's attempt at filmmaking!

  3. Wow! Director in the making :)
    I used to enjoy the Dummies books too, most from libraries.

    Now I am still actively sourcing for topics of interest via Youtubes (got tutorials too) :)

    cheers, Andy

  4. This is nice and believe kids learn more from trying on their own while reading the steps. My son loves to do DIY things and I find them really good.

  5. That is a great idea! I remember reading and recommending dummies book in my IT career.

  6. This is so interesting and it's great that kids have plenty of things to learn nowadays!

  7. I think I'll need to use the books for myself first!

  8. Wowww kids nowadays are so well advanced. I thought only adults will use these dummies books, coz I started using them then! Kids are catching on fast...

    Jamie Chaw

  9. There are really so many interesting things for kids to try out these days! Please share his film with us after he has made it, I can't wait to see the world in his eyes :D


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