National Museum's Revamped Glass Rotunda

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From 10 December, visitors to the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) will be able to embark on an exciting journey through a lush digital rainforest and get acquainted with beloved local trees, at the museum's revamped Glass Rotunda. The NMS's Glass Rotunda offers its visitors the option of beginning their experience of the Singapore History Gallery with 2 new permanent art installations.

The first installation is a commissioned work titled Story of the Forest. This is a larger-than-life interactive digital art installation created by internationally renowned Japanese digital art collective teamLab. The installation is inspired by the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, and utilises cutting-edge technology to transform 69 drawings from the collection into animated illustrations, which will come to life and interact with visitors as they make their way down the Glass Rotunda.

With a ceiling measuring 15 metres high and a 170 metres passage that stretches down to the base of the Glass Rotunda, Story of the Forest is divided into 3 distinct segments.

At the upper rotunda, visitors will be greeted by a constellation of flora that cascade endlessly from the top of the dome structure. And as they journey down the passage, visitors will encounter various fauna such as an animated Malayan Tapir or a mousedeer interacting with and guiding them down the path. The installation concludes at the lower rotunda, where visitors will be able to witness flora such as the palmyra palm and the lotus flower bloom before their eyes. Not forgetting native fruits such as the durian, mangosteen and rambutan falling from the trees onto your heads. Enjoy a few minutes of this magnificent visual by lounging on the SoftRock Living bean bags!

To enhance the visitors' experience at Story of the Forest, a mobile application will present visitors with the added option to go on "hunts' to 'capture" the different flora and fauna. Upon successfully 'capturing' these animals with their phone's camera function, visitors will be rewarded with valuable insight into the illustrations from the William Farquhar collection. The app is available for download for free on App Store and Google Play.

At the bottom of the Glass Rotunda, visitors will encounter the Singapore, Very Old Tree exhibit by renowned local photographer and artist, Robert Zhao. The set of 30 images have been acquired by the NMS and are the newest addition to the National Collection. 

The Singapore, Very Old Tree exhibit will showcase 17 images out of the 30, highlighting intimate stories of each and giving visitors an alternative perspective of Singapore's history and the personal connections that Singaporeans have with our local trees.

Seletar Wedding Tree

Both Story of the Forest and Singapore, Very Old Tree offer museum-goers the option of beginning their experience of the Singapore History Gallery from the Glass Rotunda. Together, the revamped Glass Rotunda and the updated permanent galleries provide an overview of Singapore's history, from a small fishing village to the bustling modern metropolis it is today. The exhibitions are located at level 2 through the Glass Rotunda, opens daily from 10am to 7pm. Admission is free for Singaporeans and PRs.


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