A Suitable Study Desk

I am very particular about study desk & chair, whether it is for myself or AJ.  I will get back ache if the height of chair or desk  is not suitable for me.  So, when it comes to hunting study desk & chair for AJ, I am not lax.  I do not like kids to sit on chairs with dangling feet.  This means that the height of the table & chair are not right for them.  This will affect their sitting posture, & of course, they will slouch & eventually have their chins rest on the table.

I would love to have this kind of study desk for him! The set comes with adjustable height for both desk & chair to cater for growing child.  & the back cushion is ergonomically designed! But I also know that my pocket is not deep enough to own them.  

Kids being kids, what if one day he tells me that he does not like this kind of study desk any more & refuses to sit on it?  That would mean a couple of hundreds just go down the drain!

I was eager to get one that suit AJ's height & easy on my pocket.  After some 'googling' & asking around, I found this range from ikea. 

Source: ikea
This range is good because the desk height is adjustable - from 48cm to 60cm.  It suits children of about Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2, maybe even Primary 1.  But I find that 60cm is a tad too short for AJ.  It cannot last him for the next 2-3 years.  So I continued my search.

I have been wondering where those kindergartens & primary schools get their tables & chairs.  I love their heights & their durability.  Then I found this company that sells furniture to schools!  I called them to check if they sell to walk-in customers & was glad to know that they do!  I made a trip to Changi South Industrial Park & selected what I deem fit for AJ.  

My friends teased me when they saw this.  They asked if I was preparing him for Primary 1 since they were exactly what were used in school (I bought this in Dec 2012).  It did not cross my mind though.  I bought them because the height of the desk & chair were ideal for Primary school kids & the price of both items cost me less than $60!

You see, I want to make sure that when AJ sits out to write, his legs are firmly on the floor.  This will give him the support he needs to maintain a good posture.  The table height is 65cm, suitable for Primary 3 level.  But AJ was 118cm then so I thought he would outgrow a shorter table quite quickly thus I settled for a slightly higher one.  The height of the chair is 40cm.

Should AJ decide to lean back to read, he can still feel the floor.  His feet do not dangle.  In this picture, he was tip toeing because it was taken in Dec 2012. Now that he has grown to 121cm in a span of 6 months, his feet can rest firmly on the floor even when leaning back.

We are pretty happy with this purchase as it has served AJ well.  He is comfortable with this set of study desk & chair too.  Until he outgrows this set, my search stops here. 


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