Symphony 92.4 fm - Young Talents Project 2013 Gala Concert

Tonight was the night that AJ was most excited about.  Yes, he was at MediaCorp playing Sonatina Op. 36 No. 3. 1st Movement by Clementi for the Young Talents Project 2013 Gala Concert.  In the past weeks, he has been busy polishing up the piece in order to put up his best in this show.

We were there since late afternoon for the rehearsal.  Here are some photos I took.

The stage in the studio

The make-up artist doing up his face

AJ & the make-up artist

Time for the hair next

The handsome little boy

Testing the Steinway piano

They've got his age printed wrongly on the programme sheet. He is 6; not 9

This is AJ's live performance at the Concert Gala:

The winner of the Grand Finalist is Nikolai Song, the flutist.  He has won him at trip to Vienna, Austria for masterclasses with Nobel Talent School of Music.  Congratulations to him!


  1. AJ looks really good all dressed up! He did well!

  2. Thanks Veraday. Must admit that he did put in some effort in practising this piece.


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