Beat Boredom With These 5 Musical Instruments

I can smell boredom.  It is easier to keep adults home bound.  They can watch DVDs, snuggle on the bed, read, etc.  But for kids, this is kind of tough. 

The boy has been locked up at home since Fri 21 June.  He was complaining this morning that he could not even get out of the house for a meal.  To play safe, we rather have boredom than illness.

So we dug out those archives to entertain him as we did not want the goggle box to keep him entertained.

Here are 5 musical instruments that have kept the boy entertained thus far:

(1) The Yamaha U30 Piano

(2) The Ukulele

(3) The Guitar

(4) The Harmonica

(5) The Recorder

This is a short clip of the father & son duet of Oh! Susanna.  They took about an hour to practise. The accompaniment part, which was played by the father, was rearranged by AJ.

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