[Review] Origins Nail Spa

I do not go for manicure or pedicure unless there is an important occasion for me to attend like wedding lunch/dinner, graduation ceremony, etc.  These days, I usually get birthday party invitations instead (you know why).

When Origins Nail Spa offered me their Signature treatment which consists of a Classic Manicure + a Classic Pedicure + a choice of 100% natural ingredients Scrub & Mask, I was more than happy to take up the offer.

So when the father took leave to accompany AJ who is on school holiday, the mummy here went to pamper herself. 

The Origins Nail Spa is located at Bukit Batok Central, walking distance from Bukit Batok MRT station.  It was not difficult to locate the outlet with the help of GPS.

I was greeted by 2 friendly manicurists - Yan & Ing, whom I could quickly stroke a conversation with.  They were well trained to answer my questions & were pretty experience with their profession.

Here's the pictorial illustration of my treatment in Origins Nail Spa:

My hands were first soaked into a bowl of lukewarm water, then pat dry.  Traces of nail polish were removed & then an emery board was used to gently file my nails.  I did not trim my nails further as they were short.  Then cuticle softener was applied & my hands were once again soaked.  After a while, the manicurist used the cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles gently.

& there came the Coffee Scrub & Mask which I opt for.  They only did the arms, how I wish they do the hands as well! You could see from the picture above that my arm was wrapped.  The manicurist explained that the wrapped up will help the mask to work better on the skin.

Before & After 
Similar procedures were applied to my happy legs/feet.

Before & After  
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* This is a sponsored blog post. All opinions & text are my own.

Winner of Origins Nail Spa Classic Manicure:
PC Lee!

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