Symphony 92.4 fm - Young Talents Project 2013

AJ participated in the Symphony 92.4 fm - Young Talents Project 2012 but he did not get in into the Final.

This year he participated again.  This was the song we sent in for audition (Valse by Chopin).

He got in into the Final this year & was playing live on 26 May 2013.  

There were 153 contestants playing piano, string instruments, wood wind instruments, percussion instruments, as well as singing.  Out of these 153 contestants, only 10 were selected to the Grand Final.

AJ did not make it to the Grand Final.  We were glad that he was not disappointed.  All along we have been stressing to him it is not important to win, although it is nice to win.  Most importantly, he enjoyed the process of it & he put in his best effort in practising as well as performing.

Though he did not make it to the top 10, he made it to the top 20.  Today, we went to Media Corp to attend the party & he was awarded Certificate of Excellence by the VP of 92.4 fm.

& we were overjoyed to receive another piece of good news.  While the top 10 get to compete in the Grand Final on 28 June, 4 out of the balance 10 get to play/sing their pieces in the Gala as well.  & AJ is 1 of the 4!  The 4 are: 2 pianists, 1 violinist & 1 vocalist.

The 19 were here (1 absent)
So we, with his piano teacher, will be attending the Young Talents Project 2013 Gala on 28 June.  This entire programme will be broadcast in July or August via Okto channel.  

AJ is very happy that he gets this chance to perform in this Gala.  Surely it serves as a motivation to him.  We hope that such motivation will spur him to want to excel in music further.

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  1. Wow, well done AJ. He must have practiced diligently to be so good. Thanks for linking up.

  2. He plays really well, such a talented little boy. I enjoyed listening to his playing :)

  3. Thanks Susan & Angeline for your kind words! :)


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