[Screensavers] Screen Tip #2 - Set Watch On Screen

We have to admit that we cannot avoid digital technology & that it is becoming more & more common for younger children to be exposed to it.  AJ's primary school started the children on computer lessons in Primary 1.  Digital technology is going to shape our future, this is without doubt.

I have experienced parents advising me not to place computers in the bedroom or study room, but in the living room.  They said this is the 1st line of defence.  Children are generally more conscious of the sites they visit when the screen is placed in prominent places.

But, with the advancement of digital technology, handheld devices are getting more & more sophisticated, & their functionalities are very comparable to desktop/laptop. 

So then, how much control can we, as parents, have to ensure that our children do not surf undesirable sites unintentionally (benefit of doubt given)?  Fortunately, the advancement of digital technology also means parents CAN have control over content of the websites allowed for our children.  I sought expert help from my ex-colleague in the telecommunication (telco) industry to find out how we may curb the abuse (if any). Come, let's take a look.

(1) Internet (Broadband) Content Blockage
Broadly known as Internet Security, all the 3 telcos in Singapore offer this.  It allows you to filter content & block selected sites.  Check out the offering of the 3 telcos here:


(2) Mobile Security
Similar to Internet Security, it also offers filtering of content & blockage.  You will need this when you allow your children to use mobile devices like mobile phones & tablets that surf the Internet via 3G/LTE. Check out the offering of the 3 telcos here:


(3) Child Monitoring Software
I called this 'Spyware' because it allows you to monitor the activities your child has been engaging on the computer (I hope no kids are reading this!) like social media, visited websites, online searches, etc.  Do check out some of the links here for review if you are keen to explore this: 


Oh, there's a free one here which you might want to try?


Of course, as parents, we have to continue educating our children what is desirable what is not.  But, often, temptation is great & peers pressure is there.  Such measure & preventive tools do help us to ensure matters do not get out of hand.

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This post is brought to you by Screensavers, an initiative by students in NTU  who are working on  a campaign encouraging healthy digital technology habits amongst children.  Please feel free to download their e-handbook on Guide to Digital Technology.  They are also on facebook.  Do like their facebook page so that you may be informed of their exhibitions & workshops.

They will be having an exhibition at Lot 1 Shopping Centre on 15 & 16/3.  Click here to check it out!


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