Appreciating Your Child (赏识你的孩子)

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He is an ordinary father who, unfortunately, has a daughter who is born deaf.  However, he did not give up searching for help to heal his only child.  When all things failed, he devised his own method, customized, to teach his own daughter.  He is hailed "The 1st Awakened Father in China".

From then onwards, Zhou Ting Ting (周婷婷) became the 1st disabled (deaf) graduate from University in China.


Professor Zhou Hong (周弘) is no stranger to many parents in China & local Chinese enrichment arena. He is from China & the author of National Best Seller "Appreciating Your Child".  Millions of copies were sold.  He believes that there is no child who cannot be taught well, there are only parents who do not know how to teach well.

The original manuscript is in Chinese, so if you are proficient in Chinese, it is highly recommended to read the Chinese version (赏识你的孩子) because the original manuscript is still the best.  The English version “Appreciating Your Child” is a translated one.  I have read both versions.

Although I do not agree to his tactic of using white lies to encourage/motivate his daughter Ting Ting (婷婷), I am touched by his love towards her. I find this book a good read.  You would need to read this with an open mind, adopt what suits you, not adopting it wholesale.

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ps: Read the review by a blogger mummy friend of mine here.


  1. "No child who cannot be taught well, there are only parents who do not know how to teach well". -something I learn lately, before last Saturday;).


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