Which Chinese Dictionary?


I have to retire my faithful worn-out Chinese dictionary which has been with me for more than 20 years, maybe even 30, I have lost count.  AJ has been using this one too, but I realised its limitation.  It is good in single character (字) explanation but not in terms of words (词).

So I made a trip to Popular bookstore near my place & was greeted by this.

琳琅满目; 看得我眼花缭乱

It was kind of overwhelming.  So many, which one is good?

I then whatsapp his Chinese teacher & she sent me a picture! :)

Tada!  I saw this on the shelf & decided to flip it to have a look.

I like this very much!  You may notice that not only the single characters (字) were explained, quite a few no. of words (词) were too.  It cost slightly less than $20 (before Popular member discount) so it is certainly a good investment.  But mind you! It is 6cm thick!  Definitely not the type you would want your child to bring to school.

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