4 Ways To Enjoy Singapore 49th Birthday (National Day)

It's our Nation's 49th birthday tomorrow.  Any plans yet?  To some, especially those studying, it will be a long weekend for them.  How best to enjoy this long weekend? Whether it is $4.90 or $49, here are some offers too good to miss:

1) Go For A Meal
Many restaurants are having National Day promotion, here are some for you to choose:

The Orchard Cafe at Orchard Hotel

Call 6559 6769 or email  reservations@hfcsingapore.com  to make reservations

$49 buffet or $4.90 beer at Swissotel

2) Have A Snack or Drink, Catch Up With Friends
It is a good time to catch up with friends whom you have not met for a long time over snack & coffee.  Here are some pocket friendly snack/drinks:

3) Go Retail Therapy
There were times we waited for the best promotion to get those things not-so-urgently in need of, for example, phones, printers, CDs, clothes, etc.  National Day promotion is 1 of the best time to grab hold of those offers:


4) Go To Play or Holiday
Downtown East is 1 of my favourite places.  Check out what $4.90 can bring you

Long weekend is the perfect time to go for short trip.  You can choose to enjoy the promotion now & go for your trip in December too!

Regardless whether you choose to take advantage of these offers or not, make sure you take this opportunity (long weekend) to rest well, spend time with loved ones & most importantly, watch the NDP & be grateful with what our nation has achieved so far.  


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