How To Teach Your Baby Encyclopaedic Knowledge

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Imagine a 2 year old's delight if he were to recognise an owl in the tree, a bee on a sunflower, or a painting by van Gogh.  I think, we as parents, would be over the moon.

For half a century, Glenn Doman has demonstrated that very young children are far more capable of learning than we ever imagined.  This book showed us just how easy & pleasurable it is to teach a young child about the arts, science & nature.  The child recognises the insects in the garden, knows the countries of the world, discovers the beauty of a painting by van Gogh, & much more.  I knew it was possible because at 1 point of time, when AJ was only 2+, he was obsessed with car logos & flags of the countries (blog post here).  He went further by knowing the countries on the world map.  So, when he was very young, we already had a big world map at home to aid his learning.

A 4YO Aussie boy with an American flag but born & breed in Singapore

The passion for car logos, countries & flags lasted very long, so much so that at age 4, he was still obsessed with flags as seen in this photo.  His current obsession is the Periodic Table of the Elements.

This book explains how to begin & expand this remarkable programme, how to make & organise necessary materials, & how to more fully develop your child's learning ability.  It is amazing to know that, by following a simple daily programme in a relaxed & loving way, you will enable your child to experience the joy of learning. 

I have a pre-loved "How To Teach Your Baby Encyclopaedic Knowledge' to give away.  The book is in mint condition, with no tears, no dog ears or highlighting.  If you would like to participate in this book give away, kindly follow the steps stated below.  Book will be mailed to you via local normal postage.  Entry will be closed on 11 Aug (Mon) 2359.

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