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I was an athlete in my schooling days, running half a marathon was easy peasy to me.  Even when I started working, I was pretty on, joining a fitness club & had my aerobics twice a week.  I had high metabolism, weight to me wasn't a concern at all.  I was oh-so slim, fitting into an XS or S easily.

When AJ came along, I got less active, owing to (excuses) no time, no energy & what not.  I didn't manage to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but it wasn't too much of a concern as I was skinny prior to pregnancy, adding a few kilos after that wasn't too bad.

BUT it is not the weight, it is the health that is important.  My health condition started to deteriorate slowly & accelerated in these last 2 years (talk about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics).  It was so alarming that many ailments surfaced & I just have to slow down & pondered what had gone wrong.

Genes aside, I believed my poor diet & the lack of exercises have caused the acceleration of poor health condition.  I started to re-look into my diet & pick up more vigorous exercises once again.

In terms of diet, my family has switched to eating brown rice, brown rice noodles, whole grain bread, more vegetables & fruits, less deep fried (when out as I do not deep fry at home), more home made stuff, less processed food, avoid additives & preservatives as much as we can & drink better quality water (Enagic Kangen Water).

In terms of fitness, I have signed up for pilates-on-the-mat class & have been on this programme for about 3 months already.  I am very happy with the progress.

Pilates is a whole-body exercise which focuses on core strength. It trains the body as an integrated whole. Pilates workouts promote strength & balanced muscle development as well as flexibility & increased range of motion for the joints.  It helps to create strength without the bulk & improves the body flexibility.  I enjoy my weekly class very much.

& I have started running again!  Those who have not been active & just started to jog would understand this.  For the 1st few times we jogged, the knees suddenly got locked, the calf muscles tightened & the butt weighed like a tonne.  With these 3 combo, it is enough to stop us from jogging.  Indeed, after 600m, I gave up.  Then I tried again some days later, I managed a little longer distance. Then I tried again, & again, until I was confident enough to hit the gym (there are people watching in the gym, you know.  So embarrassing if you started panting just mins after you hit the treadmill right?)

My target was 5km & I achieved it within a month!

So what is my exercise regime now?  I do pilates once a week & jog twice a week.  I have also started to rope in the boy to exercise with me like running & cycling.  A perfect way to bond with him!

At times I also jog around our neighbourhood to explore a little here & there.  It is a nice way to connect with nature, watch the sun rise & sun set, listen to the birds singing & feel the breeze on my face.

Though I am not completely out of the wood from my ailments, I believe I am on the road to wellness.  I am also following this website for regular feeds on health food & exercises, recommended by The Chill Mom.  You may like to visit it too:

Interested to find out more tips from other mums? Together with 8 other mum bloggers, we will be sharing a bit more on our journey to be fitter & healthier with you. Here's our blog train schedule!

11 - 15 Aug: Alicia @beanienus
18 - 22 Aug: Elizabeth @motherkao 

1 - 5 Sep: Mei @finallymama
8 - 12 Sep: Winnie @toddlymum  
15 - 19 Sep: Angelia @growinghearts123
22 - 27 Sep: Michelle @mzmichhon
29 Sept - 3 Oct: Shermeen @meeningfully
6 - 10 Oct: Adeline @GrowingwiththeTans
13 - 17 Oct: Danessa @prayerfullmum 

If you are on Instagram, you may find us at #sgfitandfab30 or click link here.

Next up is Mei from Finally Mama who thinks that all moms are fab in their own way BUT ... we do need a little push sometimes to get back in shape.   :)  Before baby #1, she was reasonably fit & somewhat fab. She now joins this SG Fit & Fab 30 blog train to share her efforts (& get some support) to live healthier & stronger.


  1. The jogging twice a week is amazing to me. The thought of jogging is enough to wanna make me cry but like I shared, I may start soon. 😭

    I have not made the switch to brown rice but we take whole meal wraps and brown bread at home and like you, we hardly deep fry our food - prefer grill or stew or at the most pan sear.

    It's a great progress, from 600m to 5km!!! I hope that I can get to 2km. Lol. Thanks for joining in and sharing your journey ;)

    1. Thanks for the nudge, Alicia! Otherwise I think my butt would still be stuck on the couch! I truly enjoy this experience, thank you for initiating this blog train. It is also very encouraging to see other mummies striking to keep fit too!

  2. So great that you are working on returning to fitness! An what a great example you are setting for your son. I also LOVE pilates... not a fan of running though... unless its sprints! haha Enjoy the health benefits of increasing your fitness because as you rightly said.. it's more than just losing weight. Health is SO important. :) Enjoy the journey!

    1. Thanks Eli for popping by. The 'feel good' feeling is back after the exercise regime is established. I am truly enjoying this!


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