[Media Invite] Face-to-Face with Janet Doman

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I was saddened to learn that Glenn Doman, the founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), has passed on in May last year.  I don't think I could teach AJ that effectively without knowing his teaching method.  I thank God for leading me to know his contributions, his method of teaching & his passion.  The work of the institutes goes on even though this great man has passed away.

Thanks to the media invite by Glenn Doman Baby Program to Janet Doman's seminar - Discover the Joy of Teaching Your Baby in Singapore beginning of this month, I got to meet Glenn Doman's daughter, Janet Doman, for the very 1st time!  Though I have read all the books written by her & her father Glenn Doman, I still learnt a lot that day.  In Chinese they said 百闻不如一见, in this case, 百读不如一听. 

I cannot resist a photo with 1 of the most inspiring individuals I have come across - Janet Doman (daughter of late Glenn Doman).
AJ has benefitted so much from their programme.

Many people thought that Glenn Doman's teaching method is all about flashing cards.  It is all so wrong.  If there is only 1 key point that I should take home with from this seminar, I would say, it is "Physical excellence leads to intellectual excellence".  If a mother is able to start working on her child's physical mobility from age 0, she will see great progress in her child's overall development.   The human cortex is responsible for all of the high-level functions unique to human beings.  The ability to read, understand language, identify objects by touch alone, speak, & write are all the responsibilities of the human cortex.

The IAHP believes that the most effective duration of a person's learning capabilities is the 1st 6 years.  I agree with that.  After putting AJ through this programme in the last 5 years (he started at 13MO), I could safely conclude that AJ is a walking testimony of GD method.

His foundation is strong, so I have less worries on his school work.  He is able to initiate his own learning on things he has strong interest in, he has turned into an independent learner.  He reads widely, which helps in his writing & general knowledge.  My job now is to continue stimulating his mind, to provide opportunities whenever he needs to be challenged.

"The Brain Grows By Use." ~ Glenn Doman

The 8 highly recommended books

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If you have regretted that you have missed this seminar, you have a 2nd chance here to experience GD teaching method.  The kind folks in Glenn Doman Baby Program is giving away 3 trial classes (worth $114) to 3 respective readers.  Depending on your child's age group, you have 4 different classes to choose from.

If you would like to participate in this give away, kindly follow the steps stated below.  Entry will be closed on 20 Aug (Wed) 2359.

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