A Taste Of Jules Talyor Wines

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A lunch by the Marina, a wine tasting session on a yacht, a cruise around the island, life is great like that. I am not talking as if I wish to have this kind of lifestyle day-in-day-out, however, occasional indulgence chilling out like that can be kind to our souls (beside business talks, you know what I mean?).

ONE°15 Marina Club

I am thankful to be invited by SUTL to an event recently, for food and wine tasting, and a cruise on Anka at ONE°15 Marina Club


Dining by the water with gorgeous view certainly set people on relaxing mode. This kind of setting is best for business discussion, romantic dining, or even a memorable family meal. You may like to know WOK°15  has 2 private dining rooms available for booking for your private business and social functions.

Lauded as “Singapore’s Top Restaurant” by Wine & Dine, WOK°15 Kitchen radiates the spirit of the sea by featuring fresh live seafood for selection from the aquarium. They serve classic Cantonese dishes prepared using fresh seasonal produce, presented with modern artistic flair (no MSG is added!).

The Appetizers 

 Consisting of Deep Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk

Sauteed Pork Belly with Special Sauce 

 and Chilled Cucumber with Garlic

Deep Fried Marble Goby with Deluxe Soya Sauce 

Sauteed Beef Cubes with Garlic Flakes 

 Singapore Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou

Worth mentioning is the Sauteed Beef Cubes with Garlic Flakes. The beef is literally the Rolls Royce of the beef kingdom, the Eye Fillet. The Eye Fillet is reputed as the top gourmet and most tender cut of meat. This mouth-watering lean option is definitely a must order for all beef lovers.

The Singapore Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou could suit the palate of non-Asians who prefer not-so-spicy version of Chilli Crab.  WOK°15 uses Indonesian crabs to distinguish itself from the masses.

We have a taste of The Better Half from Jules Taylor's range of wines during lunch. The Better Half is the baby of George, the husband of Jules Taylor. He named this range The Better Half because how else could you name it better, right?

The Sauvigon Blanc in this range is mild yet punchy aromatics and zesty. It goes very well with white meat. I am not a fan of white wine, but Sauvigon Blanc from The Better Half has won me over. The Pinot Noir in this range is also another mild red wine which will pair well with red meat.

After the lunch, we proceeded to the yacht named Anka, where we have our wine tasting session as we cruised around Singapore.

Jules Talyor Range of Wines

The premium collection of Jules Taylor Wines is the name itself :). This eponymous collection offers a wide range of premium wines with several winning varieties.

Of the lot, I am most impressed with OTQ.

This wine was made on the quiet by Jules, hence the name. She had spotted pockets of fruit in certain vineyards that showed great promise, and she quietly made them. 

OTQ has smooth lingering taste in the mouth after a sip. It keeps you unforgettable with its unique after taste. This range is best to sip slowly, partly also because its produce is rare. 

This picture pretty much sums up the different range of wine under Jules Taylor Wines.

Here's a video clip on the stunning Marlborough region in New Zealand and a taste some of Jules' delicious wines.

Jules Taylor Wines is not a supermarket brand, it is distributed by SUTL in Singapore, and is available in all the restaurants/bars in ONE°15 Marina Club.


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