Relief Dry And Tired Eyes With Eye Mo

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Eye Mo, Singapore's long trusted brand of eye drops is back on shelves!

Eye Mo has been in our parents and grandparents’ medical closets for the last 40 years and was the product we all turned to for dry eyes. After a two-year hiatus from retail shelves around Singapore, Eye Mo is now back with two new variants – Eye Mo Moist ($5.90; 7.5ml) and Eye Mo Regular ($4.90; 7.5ml). 

Don't stare too long. Give your eyes some relief with Eye Mo

Dry eyes is a common ocular disorder in Singapore especially with the prolonged exposure to computer screens, gadgets and poor eye habits. Singaporean has the highest number of children with myopia and with Eye Mo back in Singapore, Singaporean parents can rest assured that their children’s eye needs will be well-taken care of, just like what our parents have been assured of.

All work no rest? Rest your eyes and relief them with Eye Mo

As we know, dry eyes is one of the most ocular disorders in Singapore, with many Singaporeans experiencing discomfort due to eye strains from prolonged exposure to computer screens, gadgets and poor eye habits. Using Eye Mo to relieve minor eye irritations such as dry eyes, tired eyes, itchy eyes, sore eyes and watery eyes would give us some welcoming relief. And now, with a wide distribution of over a thousand points of sale across leading pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, mini-marts and medical halls island wide, we can find Eye Mo products with more ease and convenience. The good news is: anyone from 3 and above can use Eye Mo products. This is something parents are glad to know.

Ladies wearing contact lens would appreciate Eye Mo the most

Because what we put into our eyes is important, each Eye Mo product now comes with a QR code that allows customers to personally check the authenticity of the product. Each product bears a serialised Scratch & Authenticate sticker for users to ascertain the authenticity of the product. Each QR Code can only be scanned to a maximum of three times. 

Eye Mo's a travel essential - don't leave home without it

Are you starting to miss Eye Mo like I do? Go grab 2 or 3 bottles now to put at home and/or office. And don't forget to bring 1 or 2 along when travelling overseas!


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