Selling Your Pre-owned Luxury Items With Reebonz White Glove

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When we think about 'White Glove', the image of a person handling delicate things came into our mind. In fact, 'White Glove' does mean 'marked by special care or attention', in other words, meticulous.

Reebonz's White Glove Service is exactly that. While most of us are familiar with Reebonz, a home-grown e-commerce platform for buying and selling luxury products, White Glove is a premium service where Reebonz handles the entire selling process of your pre-owned luxury items, from collection, to photography and marketing.

It is quite inevitable for us to have some luxury items in our house, particularly if we have been working for quite a while. In my full-time working days, being in a sales line, I did buy some luxury items. It wasn't so much of the 'look good' factor, although I could not deny it did play a part, I own them for quality as well. These items stay with me for years and most of them still serve me well.

However, I have come to a different stage of life, where I treasure flexibility of time over slogging hard at work clocking long hours. These luxury items I have little chance to wear, and keeping them at home deem unnecessary.

So I sent my pre-owned Celine slip-on and Longines watch to White Glove, hoping that these items could find new owners who would wear them more often than I do.

The White Glove service certainly deserves a mention in their service. I practically did not have to lift my fingers to get these items marketed online other than filling up the form for the butler to come to my place for collection.

How does White Glove Work?

To initiate the service, you need to first have an account with Reebonz. Then, you fill up the particulars and select the day/time for collection once you login or whatsapp your request to them at 9647 0869. The White Glove team will contact you the next business day and their in-house butler will collect the item(s) from you at your designated address at no cost. Alternatively, you may also opt for self-drop option by bringing your items to Reebonz Headquarters (5 Tampines North Drive 5 Level 7, S528548) or Reebonz Space (Suntec City Tower 2 #01-496, S038986)Do note that you will need to have 3 luxury items or the total value of the item(s) exceeding S$5,000. Reebonz White Glove only accepts certain brands and of certain value. The list is published here

I opted for the concierge service. The butler called me to ensure I was at home and ready to pass him the goods on the day of collection. My items were then collected and placed in a red security bag with lock. Each item has its handover form with a unique reference no. for easy reference and identification. The butler keyed in the information on his handheld device and I received an email acknowledging the collection almost instantly. Thumbs up for providing its customers such assurance!  If you are keen to find out the estimated selling price of your item(s), Reebonz has a whatsapp service (9647 0869) you can engage to seek an estimate price before the full inspection of your item(s) is completed. You may also track your item(s) via Reebonz's mobile app (available in iOS and Android). Within a week, I received a follow-up email on the status of the inspection. 

Reebonz is stringent in its inspection. You might like to know that they have rejected my items because of the severe wear and tear, and they were returned to me at no cost too! Was I sore about it? Actually quite the opposite! The rejection gives me the confidence in Reebonz in their thorough inspection thus giving me the assurance that the items listed in their website for sale are upright honest. 

Assuming that my items were qualified, White Glove will indicate a suggested selling price for each item. Of course, there is ground for price negotiation. Customers could always discuss the prices with Reebonz's team of professional Ateliers.

Within 10 business days of accepting the suggested (or negotiated) price, my items will then be professionally photographed and listed online. I will get paid within 5 business days once my item is sold. Reebonz gets a cut on every item sold and here's the table for your reference:

Is the cut too much? Well, if you consider the butler service, the photography service and the insurance coverage, I do not think so. I do not have to handle heaps of enquiries from the potential buyers, do not have to deal with the negotiation with them and best of all, I keep my identity anonymousBesides, I am assured that all my items are securely stored in Reebonz's facility and are fully insured upon receipt until the item is sold. 

The White Glove service has boosted my confidence in Reebonz. I had a terrific customer experience with them. The team was quick to respond to my enquiries, coupled with very reliable butler service. Reebonz has grown fast and furious these 8 years since inception in 2009. It now has expanded its business operations to 8 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, thus cementing its leading position in luxury e-commerce arena. There is no hesitation where you should go (by clicks of the mouse) when you wish to buy or sell pre-owned luxury items.

Are you looking through your wardrobes, cupboards and drawers to dig out those pre-owned luxury items you want to sell now? Here's a good news for you! If you managed to sell them with Reebonz, do use this coupon code 'Mylilbookworm' to get $50 off on your next Reebonz purchase. No minimum spend is required*. Hurry, go try White Glove service now!

*$50 off will be in the form of coupon code. No minimum spend is required for the coupon code. It will only be given when the offer for the item(s) has/have been accepted. This promotion is valid from now till 30 Sep 2017. The coupon code will be given at the end of the campaign period and is applicable for use on your next purchase from The coupon code might not be allowed for selected events and merchandise, and it comes with a validity of 30 days from date of issuance. Reebonz reserves the rights to amend any terms and conditions.

Reebonz White Glove


  1. Nice to know that professionals will condition and manage the transactions on your behalf. On the other resale platforms, we dread the haggling and bargaining with potential buyers.

    cheers, Andy

  2. Will KIV this service for my friends.. most of the times when I buy luxury items, I buy with the mindset of keeping for ages and something that I can pass on to Lil Pumpkin in the future hehe

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Didn't know there is such a personal service. I usually buy jewelry to keep or maybe give it to my children later on. Still its good to learn that your precious items are maintained and marketed well by Reebonz .

    Phoebe @ BPDGTravels

  4. Not bad ya...Didn't know about it at all. Will try out when my luxury items need a bye-bye...

  5. They approached me too but I have nothing I wanted to part with. It's a great service for people who likes to keep up with trends and by selling the old, they get to buy new! :D

  6. Wow! Didn't know Reebonz provides such services. I thought they just take in branded stuffs and sell. Good to know they provide such service for people and best of all finding new owners for the items.

  7. We don't have very much luxury items and what we have are keepsakes to be handed-down to our kids as possible heirlooms but will KIV this post for people we know who may need them. Thanks for sharing.


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