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Now that my boy is a little older, I can afford a longer me-time, aka, a short holiday. So far I have been to Malacca, Melbourne and the most recent, Hong Kong. It is therapeutic to have solo trips once a while, especially for mothers who surround their world around their kids. Solo trip is an excellent time for self-reflection, a time of peace (hopefully you don’t keep thinking of your kiddos), a time which you can just do what you would like to do, without having to seek opinions of others or consider the needs of others. There is a scent of freedom in the air when travelling alone. And often than not, your kiddos appreciate you more when you eventually come home.

I usually eliminate going through the hassle of checking in my luggage on departure (coming back I may need, because I need the luggage space for shopping!). So I have to be a little creative in packing, making sure essentials are there yet I don’t carry with me too many unnecessary stuff.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Carry Minimum Toiletries
I am not fussy with toiletries, but if you are, then this pointer will not be applicable to you.

If I stay in a hotel, I would check with the hotel whether they provide toiletries like disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair conditioner and body lotion (I assume all hotels provide shampoo and body foam, unless it is a no frill hotel). If they do, I simply don’t bring mine. If they don’t, I may bring along sample sachets or simply buy some at my destination. If I stay in my friend’s place, I only bring my toothbrush, haha.

I don’t wear extensive make-up when travelling, so an eyeliner and a tinted lip balm are just good to go. 

2. Do My Laundry or Wear Same Outfit Twice
Travelling is easier when you stay with friend, you can use his/her washing machine. Otherwise, I will wear my bottom twice. That will save me almost half of the luggage space! If I intend to shop at my destination, I may even bring lesser clothes and wear what I have purchased at my destination.

3. Print Itinerary
I plan my itinerary on word document or powerpoint slides and print them out, on top of saving a soft copy on my handheld devices. In event that I have no Wifi or Internet connection, at least I have hard copies. I don’t bring guide books with me! They are too heavy and bulky!

4. Carry a Backpack
Oh, this is so important. A backpack is a lifesaver when it comes to travelling. It can store many things and it free up your hands for other matters. A hardy yet trendy backpack can go a long way like this one that Gaston Luga has given me. It is definitely travel-friendly as you can see from the design when you read on.

Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack retailer from Stockholm (it is pretty amazing to read about their company). They have a pretty neat range of backpacks with various designs and colours to choose from. The Men's collection and the Women's collection are similar, only with Women having more colours to choose from.

Mine is from the Praper range, in olive and black because I like neutral and earth tone colours. Gaston Luga's bags are made of thick, high quality canvas, leather parts and metal hardware. It is so roomy that it can fit my 14" laptop, 1-litre water bottle, toiletry bag, umbrella, sunnies, shawl, journals and wallet!

What I like most is the metal feet at the base of the backpack to keep the bag in shape and steady, most importantly, they help to reduce signs of wear and tear on the most vulnerable part (the base) of the backpack

Gaston Luga's backpacks come with many compartments, which help to categorise items, making it easy for us to retrieve the items that we need quickly. Their bags also come strong claps and hooks to help keep our valuables safe.

Before you book for your next holiday trip, consider getting a Gaston Luga backpack! Here's 15% off for your order on Gaston Luga website, by keying in this coupon code  “lilbookworm15” in the checkout page. In addition to the 15% discount, you will also enjoy free shipping with DHL Express and 20% off tax rebate (non-EU countries only) as seen below. That is a huge savings of close to 30% from Retail Price!

Oh, I just found out that Gaston Luga has added Document Bags and Tote Bags to their collections! How wonderful it is! Even if you do not want to get a backpack, you now have 2 other choices! I have now fallen in love with their Document Bags! Maybe the husband should consider getting one for my birthday? 

Gaston Luga


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