ELLoquence English Programme - A Perfect Marriage of Digital Technology And Classroom Teaching

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AJ may be strong in factual subjects like Math and Science, comparatively, he is weaker in languages. And because this is his PSLE year, this mom here is not taking any chance.

I did a commercial with Thesys English Learning Centre mid last year which allowed me to research deeper into the centre’s teaching method and philosophy.

The curriculum that Thesys adopted here in Singapore is ELLoquence, which has over 60 years of experience educating young minds. ELLoquence's comprehensive digital curriculum incorporates technology to provide this real-world connection. In any school or institution, no matter how well researched and well-crafted the curriculum is, the effectiveness lies in the lesson delivery.  ELLoquence's teaching method married both a well researched and well-crafted curriculum, and an engaging delivery method using digital technology and competent teachers. Essentially, the best a classroom can offer – a competent teacher and the latest information technology.

I do observe that the more teachers make the class interactive, and the more they utilize technology, the more the students enjoy what they are learning.  Through the video clips, audio text, recording tolls and interactive quizzes, the students are emotionally engaged to learn and motivated to cover their weaknesses. No wonder AJ’s school mate was keen to sign up for the PSLE preparatory class just after 1 trial lesson!

ELLoquence’s English programme integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking activities specially designed for the Cambridge Examinations and requirements of the Singapore’s MOE’s syllabus. You may also like to know that ELLoquence uses 80 real-life themes to strength vocabulary and grammar, covering one theme per term, focusing on skills building and techniques to write persuasively and creatively, as well as to read critically with understanding. This is very much in-line with MOE’s English curriculum (see here) and the STELLAR method MOE introduced since 2009 (see here and here).

Thesys Learning Centre offers:
1. Primary One English Preparatory Course
2. English tuition for primary and secondary level
3. Creative writing course
4. PSLE and O-level Preparatory Course

To make your selection of enrichment lessons risk-free, Thesys Learning Centre offers 2 free trial classes for every new student. So do take advantage of this and get your child to try out to see if he/she enjoys learning in Thesys.

Thesys Learning Centre


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