The Nightingale By The Little Company (SRT)

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The Nightingale is a fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson.  The Emperor of China learnt that one of the most beautiful things in his empire was the song of the nightingale, so he ordered the nightingale to be brought to him. So beautiful were the songs sung by the nightingale that the Emperor decided to keep it in an elaborated cage so that it would not fly away and that he would be able to listen to those lovely songs every night.

But captivity worn the nightingale and she eventually stopped singing. She was then released back to the nature. At the same time, the Emperor was given a mechanical singing nightingale which could sing as well as the real one. Due to overwork, the mechanical one broke down too.

The Emperor was devastated and soon fell very ill. The real nightingale learnt of the Emperor's condition and returned to the palace to sing for him again. The emperor was then given a chance to live again, this time, to the fullest.

Photo credit: Singapore Repertory Theatre

Back by popular demand, The Little Company of Singapore Repertory Theatre, once again, presents The Nightingale this March holiday. The Nightingale is a joyful burst of song that reminds us to appreciate and value the world around us.

The music drama is interesting and entertaining, keeping the children watching it laughing non-stop. Yet, it didn't miss the point that -

"To Give Is Better Than To Own"

Kimberly Chan, who casts as the Nightingale, enchanted us with her beautiful voice. Natalie Yeap, who acts as the kitchen maid, was cute, playful yet thoughtful. Erwin Shah Ismail, who plays as the lord's protector, was the most entertaining actor. On the contrary, Leslie Tay, who takes on the role of a naive, whiny and spoilt emperor, wasn't as outstanding owing to his voice (not cute enough) and height (not short enough).

However, I seriously doubt the kids watching the drama would even mind at all, evident by their laughter throughout the drama and their hearty response to the cast's prompting. Most importantly, the children learnt the value of friendship and to treat friends with respect.

The Nightingale music drama is currently showing till 20 April 2018. Grab your tickets before they are all sold out. And yes, you'll enjoy 25% off ticket prices for all Saturday and Public Holiday performances on Cat 1 - 3 tickets.


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