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I have been wanting to sign AJ up for some kind of sports for the longest time ever. The issue that he has is hand-eye coordination. Though he plays the piano, which requires hand-eye coordination, I have no idea why he is no good with ball games.

We have tried our part to expose him to basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, etc., only to prove our observation was right. At my wit's end, I was glad to be informed of this website that allows users to search for classes - by category, location and age; check out the available time slots, book and pay online. The classes range from swimming, dance and art, to self-enrichment programmes that teach computer coding and so on.

Smarter Me is an online platform launched in October 2016 by mummy Ee Ling (read about her launch story here). She is one mum, like any of us, who had gone through the frustration of searching for suitable courses or programmes for our children (and ourselves). Thanks to her! The daunting and time-consuming searching and verifying process is now cut short, and booking for a suitable sports programme for AJ has been a breeze.

And that's how we signed AJ up with FWCC, an athletics-based programme, which builds youths up from the foundation, working on their balance, stability, motor skills, and awareness. 

Without Smarter Me, I didn't even know such programme exists! Imagine receiving such dedicated reply from the coach! I can't ask for more! Many thanks to Smarter Me's quality listing! 

Week after week, as I saw AJ running round the track and doing exercises on the side, I reminisced my good old days on the track preparing for 20x100m mega relay in our combined schools sport day. I was an athlete in my secondary school days, running the mega relay and representing school in Volleyball team. 

I missed those days when we were all so willing to sweat it out together under the hot sun, getting ourselves charcoal dark sun tanning and pushing each other to the limits. I would really like AJ to develop these grit and tenacity, and involving in sports is one of the best way to inculcate these.

 With coach Fabian Williams

With coach Shawn

We have since signed AJ up for regular classes with FWCC. May I invite you to hop over to Smarter Me to take a look at their website and browse through their offering. They have programmes and courses not only for children, but adults as well. I am checking out what kind of fitness classes that may suit me now!

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