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Read my review on My Blade Quest Book 1 to 4 here.

I knew it was going to happen basing on my previous experience reviewing My Blade Quest book 1 to 4, so I had requested a morning delivery of My Blade Quest collection when AJ was in school. And I had strategically hid the new books in the closed door cupboard which AJ seldom access.  Brilliant idea, or so I thought!  I received the entire collection of My Blade Quest in February before Chinese New Year (CNY). I had only wanted AJ to read them during CNY period when there was no school (because workload is heavier this year, being the PSLE year).

On a fateful night, the husband had to open the cupboard to take somethings out, and at that very moment, it had to catch the eye of the boy! The cat was let out. I had to tell him the truth but managed to negotiate with him to read book 5 only, saving book 6 for CNY. Suddenly, 1 week to CNY seems like 1 month.

AJ reading Book 5 while doing his business 

I am not forbidding my son to read books. But this was what happened when he read one that he liked. It was hard for him to put down the book because the story was intriguing. Once one started reading it, it can be difficult to part. One would just want to continue reading to know the ending (of that book). And so this was what happened when he had to do his business, he had to bring it along to read too.

AJ reading Book 6 while eating his breakfast

Fast forward to CNY, AJ was finally allowed to read book 6 and he was super duper happy with the ending. Haha ... ... it's the mindset of a child - the bad had to be celled; the good exceled (spoiler here!).

I took over to read Book 5 and 6 after AJ had finished reading them. To give you a summary, in case you missed out my previous review (which you must not), Jay and his older sister Shu were orphans. They were being taken care by a guardian named Uncle Selva, who was their parents' best friend. Their parents left a business for them to manage but the business plan was coded into 5 different notebooks scattered all over the world. Their arch enemy was an ex-employee of Blade Quest, Garth Gan, who had stolen 2 of the 5 notebooks. 

Jay and Shu had the other 2 notebooks, so it was a tie. My Blade Quest book 5 and 6 recorded the adventure of Jau and Shu as they hunt down notebook no. 5. Needless to say, the finale was interesting, the story went a little unexpected, with some humour and romance injected, beside the core mystery. 

My Blade Quest collection - book 1 to 6 is an excellent series of storybook for children aged 7 to 10 who like adventures and mystery solving. Don Bosco, the author, uses simple, easy-to-understand language style to captivate this age group. The story line is engaging, never a dull moment. It is an excellent set as a gift to your friend's children or for your own kids.

To make the deal sweet, the publisher, Armour Publishing, is giving away a set of My Blade Quest collection (book 1 to 6) to one lucky reader.

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