Does Your Child Doodle?

AJ does, a lot.

Sometimes he writes poetry, sometimes he draws (properly) & sometimes he simply doodles.  So what do you do as parents when your child loves to doodle?

We do not stop him from doodling, instead, we provide quite a few avenues for him to do so.

(1) The Full-length Carousel Paper

ikea drawing paper roll $9.90 per 30 m

We got the drawing paper roll from ikea & wrap it round the cabinet door so that it works like a carousel.  We just need to rotate the paper & replace the entire belt once the whole sheet is being used up.  Usually he uses this to doodle on things he needs to be reminded of.

(2) The Medium-size Hanging Whiteboard

We hanged this medium-size whiteboard on the door.  He loves to use this to write Chinese words.

(3) The Standing Whiteboard Easel

This used to be a whiteboard easel but we have transformed it to a flip chart after we have gotten him the medium-size whiteboard.  He loves to use this to doodle nonsense (literally). 

(4) The Portable Writing Boards

He has 2 of these. 1 has been with him for many many years, the other is newer.  He uses them usually to play guessing games or such as they can be wiped off easily.

(5) The Conventional Notebook

We will carry a notebook with us whenever we go out.  Each time he sits down, he would want to doodle.  We have 1 level of shelving filled with empty notebooks standby for him. No, we did not buy them, they are collections from those door gifts & giveaway you will get when you attend seminars or workshops.

My good friends C is more extreme.  She goes to the extend of designating a piece of wall for her 3 children to doodle.  When the wall gets too cluttered, she & her husband will just apply a fresh coat of paint.  She also sticks the ikea drawing paper roll on the floor (imagine laying a red carpet) with masking tape & her 3 children will then be allowed to doodle on the floor too.

Do you encourage your child to doodle?

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  1. Love the full length carousel paper idea!


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