The Best Teachers' Day Gift

When we were in Taipei, we also bought these souvenirs from Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center for the 2 teachers in AJ's primary school.  They come in timely as Teachers' Day Gifts.

Compact mirrors for the female teachers

As for his piano teacher, I bought a lightweight musical notes umbrella for her through ebay as she is all into anything about music.  While we were in Taipei, we also saw this Nano Bricks which I thought was apt for her as well since she has built piano nano bricks.  It may be timely to build a series on musical instruments?

This year, beside the usual celebration that the school has for the teachers, AJ had a special dedication for 1 of his teachers too!  In my opinion, she is 1 of the most dedicated teachers I have come across in this school.  I think she deserves it all.

Yes, he participated in the South East Community Development Council - I Love My Teacher Competition.  There were 1649 individual & group entries this year, 10 individual category & 3 group category won.  Basically, the children nominated their teachers & justified with a write-up on why they nominate these teachers.  This is the 6th run but this is the 1st time AJ participated.

We attended the ceremony today held at Golden Village Gold Class (Katong).  

These is just a portion of the entries
This is the Chinese teacher that AJ nominated

This is AJ's entry. I helped a little, particularly on the rhyming words

A time of prize & certificate presentation

The winners & Dr. Mohd Maliki Osman

The certificate that I hope will set in his heart to treasure good teachers

Some of the entries of the winners were very heart warming & touching.  Indeed, i think this is 1 great avenue for us to recognise teachers who laboured with their souls & hearts.  What a great way to express thanks to them!

Great teachers touch lives!  Never let them go unrecognised!


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