Murderous Maths Series

I was awed by what this series has done to AJ.  I read briefly about this series in Monica's blog that gave a good review.  I decided to try it out & see how AJ would receive it.  The 1st book I borrowed from the public library was this:

I could see that this boy was literally glued to the book.  The book engaged him completely.  When finished reading, I asked if he would like to borrow more.  It was an affirmative YES.  & so it went on.  He reads this series once a month (because there are still other books to read).  So far, he has read these 5.

One day, as we finished our home learning Math programme, I reiterated to him what equilateral, isosceles & scalene triangles were.  I went on to explain to him that beside having all sides equal in length in an equilateral triangle, all the 3 angles inside the triangle are also the same.  Guess what?  He told me he knew that the angles inside the equilateral triangle is 60 degree each & all the angles inside an equilateral triangle add up to 180 degree.  Wow!  My mind was blown!  How did he know that in the 1st place?  You've got the answer!  It was from Murderous Maths (MM)!  He told me he read it in MM.  

Ok, I must confess.  I was curious about this series.  What could be so interesting that intrigued the boy.  I tried reading it, but it sent my head to spin.  & so I also reckoned that it is not suitable for all children.  If you are keen to try, borrow 1 from the public library first before you invest in buying 1.  Many of the mathematical concepts were complicated though they were presented in a funny way.   But if your child likes it, you will be sure he/she will be hooked on.  I am just too happy that he loves it, it does make Math coaching a lot easier.


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