The Asia Piano Competition 2013 - Taipei 16-22 Aug 2013 Part 2

This is AJ with his trophy.  He won a Bronze in this competition (read about the background here) which was held in National Taiwan Normal University.

We were not too proud of it.  No, no, not because it is a Bronze.  There were a few things highlighted by the piano teacher which he did not do.  This is what we were disappointed with.  If he had done those, even if he got consolation prize, we would still be very happy.

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  1. Congratulations! It's such a valuable experience.

  2. Congratulations! Don't worry about it - he's still a young child. How to remember so many things?! In the end, it's "on your own". They have to internalise it. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It'll stay with them over the years eventually.

    1. Thanks Karmeleon! You sounded so experienced!

    2. I'm not soooo experienced where Regional Competitions are concerned, but I do have 4 kids, so I've seen their growing process. My no.3 is the only one who has joined major competitions, and I recall how his teacher used to complain that he couldn't remember the things he has been told to take note of. Now, under a new teacher, he gets no spoon-feeding already. But of course he's not interested in competitions already either. HAHA.

    3. Wow! 4 children! I admire parents with > than 2 kids, I often wonder how do they manage? :) How old are your children? Are they are learning music?

    4. Old. ;D Tertiary, JC1, Sec 3, and the youngest is 5yo. The no.2,3,4 are still having music lessons.


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