Home Team Festival 2013

When I received the email from Public Affairs Department of Singapore Police Force informing me about this Home Festival exhibition, I was very excited.  One glance at this e-flyer sent to me set me to put down the date on my calendar.  I had to bring AJ there!

So we went on 9th November after lunch.

Looking at the brochure, we head straight to 'Family & Fun' & 'Vehicle Gallery', but the bulk of the time was stuck at 'Vehicle Gallery'.  Knowing AJ is only 7, the rest of the categories I find to 'cheem' for him.

We missed the K9 dog show, which was the greatest regret.  So if you are heading to Home Team Festival tomorrow, please go early to watch.  1 of my friends who has watched it told me she took more than 50 photos on the show itself (& she is not a blogger!).  So you can imagine how interesting it must have been.

I took many photos & videos at the Vehicle Gallery.  I shall let them do the 'talking'.

They said we can't sit on the boat because it is not floating on water.  Make sense.

I know, this is 1 vehicle that drivers hate to see on the road.

No matter where you are, we can hunt you down!

Certainly, we won't like to be the person-in-custody.

It is nice to be carried by a police officer, not nice to be captured by one though.
Watch out for the cannon, I heard it can shoot strong flow of water as far as 10 metres!

Look whose head popped out!

I saw this in Changi Airport & had secretly wished to ride on it.  My dream came true. 
Btw, 'Hands On' means you can try the live set.

This is a mobile command centre. See how compact it is when 'folded'.
I was super impressed that they can set it up in less than 45mins.
The latest usage was at F1 race.
No photography or videography was allowed inside, but we were given briefing.

No water? No worries, this fire engine uses air foam to put off fire.

This is the 'place' the fire fighters rest if they are on long assignment.

Looks like Osim chair? It is not as comfy. Good enough to rest for a short while, cool down & have their blood pressure measured to ensure that their health are not affected by the assignment.

This is a stimulation. Not real earthquake!
S'pore is not in the earthquake belt but we will feel the tremble if a strong earthquake hits Indonesia.

How we see others in that trembling cubicle.

How we see ourselves in the trembling cubicle.

We had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It is amazing how sophisticated these defence equipment are.  I guess we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We don't know many secrets & they cannot be revealed to us.

Event Details
Date: 10 November 2013
Time: 11am to 7pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4
Last day tomorrow, don't miss! 


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