[Media Invite] Science Street Fair 2013

Have you headed down to Singapore Science Centre yet?

There is free admission to all from now till 11 November'13 in celebration of its 35th anniversary.  As far as my memory can go, this is the 1st time Science Centre is opened for free.  Wouldn't you wanna seize this opportunity to bring your little ones down & have great fun learning?  What's more, Science Centre is also holding its 1st ever Science Street Fair at its premise!  Wow, all these for free!  Wait no more!

We were invited to Science Centre's Titans of the Past, Science Street Fair & the Snow City yesterday.  I will touch on Titan of the Past in another post.  This post is about Science Street Fair.

Science Street Fair Stall Listing
We spent about 1.5 hours going through the Science Street.  2 stalls impressed me greatly, which I think you should not miss too.

The 1st is the NUS_MIT SMART stall.  There, they exhibited Autonomous Vehicles (Car & Buggy), a driverless innovation.  Here's a video of AJ sitting on the Autonomous Buggy with his friends (note: he did the video editing all by himself).  It can even negotiate a turn! 

The 2nd stall is the National Park Board.  They exhibited seeds that are dispersed by wind, water & human, the characteristics of each.  The children get to see, touch & do experiment on those seeds.  All these sensory activities help the children to learn better.

Seeds that are of water dispersal

Seeds that are of human dispersal

When you are in Science Centre, do watch the Fire Tornado show at the Annexe.  They will only show it once a day at 3pm to minimise air pollution.

After spending 2-3 hours in Titans of the Past & Science Street Fair, we headed to Snow City.  As no photography is allowed in Snow City, the boy posed outside with the gear on.

It was -5 to -12 degree inside.  Yes, freezing cold.  I could feel my nose detaching anytime soon after 15 mins.  Yea, we didn't stay very long there.  

AJ has not seen snow yet, neither has he experienced such cold weather.  Thus, this was a good experience for him.  But the 'snow' inside Snow City are not real snow.  They are very fine crushed ice.  

In the snow chamber, they exhibited ice sculpture of more than 20 dinosaurs - T-Rex, Styracosaurus & Velociraptor. This 'Dino World' Ice Gallery is certified by the Singapore Book of Records to be the largest Ice Exhibition. 

In view of the Christmas season, there is also a giant Snowman of 5.2m tall.  It was built by celebrity ice sculptor, Jeffrey Ng, & I heard that he took 160 hours to build it.  This is also certified by Singapore Book of Records, as Singapore's Tallest Snowman.

The free admission to Science Centre is truly a big draw to visit it, coupled with the bonus of the Science Street Fair.  If your children are keen on Dinosaurs, you could pack in a tour to Titans of the Past.  Or if they like cold fun, throw in a visit to Snow City as well.

Event Details
9 Nov'13 - 9.30am to 9pm
10 & 11 Nov'13 - 9.30am to 7pm


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