Turning 7 - The BBQ Party

The boy turned 7 on 5th November & there was a series of 'celebration' lined up for him (read here).

This post is about the BBQ party that was held on 3th November, a Sunday evening, as there was no school the next day in view of the off-in-lieu for Deepavali.

I did not plan to have any party at first but the boy kept bugging me about it.  At the very last minute, about 2 weeks before the party, I then decided to have a simple one - a BBQ party, inviting his friends who live nearby.

So I booked the pits, ordered the food & sent out the invite via Whatsapp. The most difficult stuff would be planning the activities for the children.

What should we do to keep the children occupied? It should be fun & engaging.  I thought over it for a few days, then I decided that I would be a Science teacher for that event!  :)

I flipped through the Science activity book that AJ & I refer to when we do Science experiments in homelearning, looked through the old you tube videos that I have uploaded on his kindy show-and-tell & researched a little on the Internet.  In then end, I came out with the theme - Air & Colours.

And this is the Activity Book that I had created for the children.

I covered primary colours, air occupies space, hot air rises, different gases (carbon dioxide & helium) have different weight & fire needs oxygen.

The Activity Book was packed in the clear folder with a neon colour pencil & an eraser.  There were also 3 primary colours clear sheets in the folder which the children can play with to reinforce the the lesson on primary colours.

1 for each child

How can a Birthday Party go on without a cake? After lunch that day, I brought AJ to Icing Room to get his birthday cake.  Since Icing Room offers DIY decoration on the vanilla fruit cake, that added the fun.

Thunderstorm came at 4+pm when I went out to get Helium balloons. I quietly prayed that it would stop at 5+pm so that the BBQ could go on. There was contingency plan to use the Function Room, but a BBQ would be more fun.  Thank God the rain stopped completely at 5+pm & we were able to proceed as planned by 6pm!

We had Science lessons first while the adults set the fire & grilled the meat.

The children enjoyed the Science experiments so much that they didn't want to eat! I had to finish all the 5 experiments before I was allowed dinner.  :)

Cake cutting time

I was grateful how well the party had turned out despite the last minute arrangement.  Not only the children enjoyed themselves very much, particularly the Science experiments, the adults also had a good time knowing each other better.  I was also very thankful for the foods that some parents brought to add to the varieties, & their help in setting up the fire & preparing the food.  Needless to say,  AJ had enjoyed himself very much.


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