Turning 7 - The Kindle Reader

We try to give AJ meaningful birthday present each year.  So far we have showered him with working camera for kids, ukulele & harmonica (more sophisticated one), 2-wheel scooter, as far as my memory can bring me back to.  Our wish is that these presents would be put to better use than showering him with toys.  :)

This year we decided to give him a Kindle Reader after reading about it on Petunia's blog

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Here are 5 reasons why we love Kindle Reader:

(1) Slim & Light
It weighs less than 6 ounces, lighter than any paperback book & can fit into my bag or his without us feeling burdensome.  We always carry a book or 2 when we commute in S'pore so that the boy could read on the train or while waiting.  So carrying a light weight Kindle Reader is more than a pleasure.

(2) Storage
It has amazing storage capacity despite of its weight.  It can store over 1,000 ebooks in it so we have the least to worry about AJ not having enough books to read.

(3) Non-glare
It reads like paper, with no glare as it has no backlight.  We need not worry about myopia.

(4) Battery Life-span
It has such mighty battery life span that I can't remember when was the last time we charge it.  I think we haven't been charging it for the last 3 weeks. 

(5) Inexpensive Ebooks
Ok, we can't compare with borrowing library books, which is free.  But if we were to buy books, it will really cost us a bomb.  However, ebooks are cheaper (& some are free) so it is kinder to our pockets.

Reading Python for Kids

Overall, we find that Kinder Reader has served its purpose for the boy.  We have installed about 30 ebooks for him before we handed him this present.  The first book he chose to read was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.  He is now reading Python for Kids, & he has also started simple programming on the computer.  Yea, part of programme for this December school holiday is to learn basic computer programming. 

Are you also considering getting an ebook reader for your child?  Basing on my experience in my previous job in a telecommunication company, I tend to trust CNET on their reviews.  You may like to visit their reviews here before you decide.

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