End Of P1 - Prize Award Ceremony

Wasn't it just yesterday that my little boy entered P1?  Oh boy.  Time flies fast, it is November already!

We were in school this afternoon for the boy's Prize-Giving Ceremony.  The boy doesn't have difficulty coping with the P1 syllabus, but he is careless.  Most of the time he hurried off to finish his work without spending time checking.  This needs to be reminded & reinforced.

But we are glad that he did receive something.  At least there is some kind of confidence booster.  I am sure you & me will feel good having to go on stage to receive an award for some outstanding performance or deed. & so the boy received a certificate & some book store vouchers.  I subtly encourage him using reverse psychology: "If you have gotten more awards, your textbooks for next year will be free."  

He got the picture.  I hope he remembers it. 

With his classmates in the first row

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