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I first met Kareen at Aileron Wellness in September last year when she was there giving personal coaching to a mom.  The trainers in Aileron Wellness pointed out to me that she was the one recently crowned Singapore Mumpreneur Awards Grand Winner organized by Mums@Work. Wow! I took a second look at her, she indeed has the physique!  Thereafter, I follow her Facebook postings in MumsInSync since I am very much into fitness too.

The second time I met Kareen was in the lunch-date with Wong Lilin. We both participated in the contest and won ourselves the privilege to have Lilin cooked for us. Thereafter we stay connected via the social media.  To my surprise, she invited me to her book launch ’18 Again’!  I felt so honoured to be in her invite list!

The  Brunch Spread

Darren, the owner of Lokal.
They make their own butter and ricotta cheese, smoke their own salmon and bake fresh muffins daily

But hurdles do happen. I hurt my feet last week when I was doing burpee jumps during one of my exercise regime and I was terribly worried that I wouldn’t be able to recover before the book launch party.  The truth is: I am still having elephant feet as at now.  But I didn’t want to miss this wonderful event.  Thankfully, the cab was able to ferry me to and fro, minimizing my walk.

I received the autographed book that morning and was excited to have my hands on.  It didn’t take long for me to finish reading it as it was an easy reading book.  In case you thought this book is about teaching you the type of exercises to do, the kind of meal to cook and the no. of calories you should consume, NOPE.  Nothing at length on these three, they were briefly mentioned only.  The goal of this book is to share her experiences and imparting this knowledge to help moms bring out the best in us, be the fit mummy we deserve to be and to feel 18 all over again.  I love that it contains loads of honest sharing.  For example, Kareen shared how our usual meals like this:

Could be transformed into this:

So that we minimized consumption of empty calories (low nutrients food) and keep ourselves healthier by eating high nutrients food.

Kareen was a PE teacher prior to having a twin-pregnancy.  After delivery of her twins in October 2010, she weighed a notably 85kg.  That was almost 30kg over and above her pre-pregnancy weight.  She was desperate to have those 'baby fats' lost!  So she signed up for programme at slimming centre and took up a gym membership.  Sadly, after burning a big hole in her pocket, she didn’t see significant progress and results. That experience got her thinking about learning how to do this right by herself.  She was dead sure she didn’t want to burn any more holes in her pocket, neither did she want to live with a tummy that huge when the babies were long delivered.

After much research, she finally found the right mentor and she was put on a six-month long program to achieve her goal. Throughout the programme, she cultivated good eating habits and doing the right MOVE to exercise her body.  At the end of the six months, she was even leaner and fitter than her pre-pregnancy stage.  Soon after, she set up Mums In Sync and now this book, with a personal mission to “Shape-Up the Nation, One Mother at A Time”.

The book is broken up into four sections, with each section sub-dividing into bite-size topics that are less than 10 pages each.  In the entire book, she shared her experiences true to many moms who would have faced. You get to read about her emotion and psychological roller-coaster which you could easily associate with.  In the four sections of the book, she shared the reasons why she wants to be back in shape, the correct way to get back in shape, the types of food to eat to get back in shape and how she mobilized her ‘village’ to support her.

I can associate myself very well with what Kareen has written. I came to realize the types of exercises that can help me balance my (limited) time with resources (money), yet achieving my goals and how one should focus on high nutrients food to stay healthy after doing some research.  I’m glad that Kareen has penned all these down for education purposes.

This is indeed a good read for moms and moms-to-be. Do consider picking it up to empower yourselves, ladies.  Loving husbands could consider getting this book for their wives too.  You are an important supporter to assist your wives to achieve their goals. To order this book, please click on the link here.

Once again, congratulations to you, Kareen, for the launch of 18 Again!


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