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We go to Kuala Lumpur (KL) twice or thrice a year to visit AJ’s paternal grandparents, however, AJ and I don’t stay there during our trips.  Usually we will stay with AJ’s grandauntie in Bangsar or we will find our own accommodation.

Just last year September, the hubs found a new budget hotel near his parents’ place and was excited to share with me, hoping that I don’t mind staying there. Frankly, I have my reservation when it comes to staying in a budget hotel.  We had a very bad experience staying in one budget hotel in KL Chinatown that was filled with bed bugs.  Our whole family got bitten all over bodies and I had to demand a change of room to their new wing in the wee hours.

However, he said this budget hotel is new, so everything should be alright. I didn’t know whether I got mesmerized by him or what, I actually agreed to his suggestion!

Hotel reception

And so last September we stayed in MinCott Hotel in Kuchai Exchange in a Superior room (the hubs stayed in his parents’ house at night).  It turned out to be a pleasant stay, so I didn’t mind staying there again.

I gave my feedback to Mincott Hotel with regards to my stay in September last year and they graciously extended their sponsorship to us in March this year in a Family room so that the hub could stay too.  That was very nice of them.

Lest you think whenever I go to KL I shop.  No, actually.  Going to KL is a time for me to have lots of me-time, a time when I do not have to do housework, cook or shuttle AJ here and there.  So a good hotel stay is very important to me.  While the boys were in my parents-in-law’s place, I enjoyed the time all by myself in the comfortable hotel room to read, blog, finish my assignments, nap, etc. I do shop (because the exchange rate is too irresistible) but more so to stock up things for the house and I usually only allocate one day for it.

Family Room has a Queen size bed and a Single bed

Mincott Hotel may be a budget hotel but it’s service isn’t sloppy. The staff are friendly and housekeeping is thorough. The room is simply furnished but with a contemporary look. Though the bathroom/toilet isn’t very spacious, there is no water leakage water and the water pressure has been excellent throughout the day. It has unlimited access of free WiFi and complimentary newspaper provided for 2 or more nights stay. If you drive, you will get complimentary parking. By the way, there is 24-hour security guard on duty everyday too.

Open wardrobe with mini bar and safe

Basic bathroom necessities are provided: shower gel, shampoo, hand soap and towels 

Clean toilet, no stain; no leak

It was a 5D/4N stay in KL last September and we had the chance to explore some eateries around Mincott Hotel.  As Mincott Hotel is nested in a newly sprouted business district, I noticed there were more eateries available this time in March as compared to last year September.  That’s a good news! It means there could be more eateries available the next trip we stay there!

As MinCott Hotel doesn't serve breakfast, here are some places around it where you can feast at:

(1)  Restoran Hafiz Corner (Within Kuchai Exchange)

This Indian Muslim restaurant is nearest to MinCott Hotel.  Many who stayed in MinCott went, apparently, as reviewed in Trip Advisor but we didn't try it.  I passed by a few times but I didn't find the food suitable for me.

(2) Niko Niko (Within Kuchai Exchange)

This Japanese cafe serves local food too, haha.  We visited once for breakfast and the food was good!  I certainly will visit it again should we stay in MinCott Hotel next time.

My awesome Teppanyaki-style breakfast from Niko Niko

(3) Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum (Out of Kuchai Exchange but in Kuchai Lama)

I spotted this when we were driving around Kuchai to hunt for eating places. This is along Jalan Kuchai Maju, pretty easy to locate. It is apparently a very reputable Dim Sum Restaurant. Please get ready to drool over the pictures below.  The Dim Sum was so good that we went there twice and sure be back for more!

Such irresistible price!!!

Chee Cheong Fun filled with very fresh prawns

Chicken Glutinous Rice.  The best that I have ever eaten! The little boy wanted it all by himself!

Char Siew Soh.  Ok, not the best of the lot.

Golden Custard Bun, yumz!

Prawn Dumpling with very fresh prawns!

Xiao Long Bao, oh so succulent!

Siew Mai

With comfortable room to stay at reasonable price, good food to accompany and a NSK hypermarket within 5 mins walk, there are sufficient reasons why I would make MinCott Hotel my choice stay the next time we visit my in-laws. 


  1. Are those restaurant within walking distance to Mincott hotel?

  2. Hi! Those 2 I mentioned within Kuchai Exchange are abt 5 mins walk from Min Cott hotel. Jin Xuan HK Dim Sum is about 15 mins walk.

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