8 Must Know Visual Strategies That Will Help You “See” and Solve Complex Visual Question!


Would you like to try solving this question and see if you can get the correct answer?

AJ tried and he told me 'it is half of 80sqcm, I think.' at one glance, without doing any calculation.

His answer was incorrect.

The Math arena in our education system is getting more and more challenging. Remember the question on Cheryl's birthday? I didn't even thought that it was a Math question but the man and the boy took up the challenge and solved it correctly. I would have given it up.

But I can't give it up, seriously. I always thought that I should know at least the concept so that I could coach AJ at Primary School level. So I am not giving up, I'm going to attend this workshop on "8 Must Know Visual Strategies That Will Help You “See” and Solve Complex Visual Question!" by Norman Tien.

According to Norman, students who are strong in logic and reasoning can solve most words problems but they might face challenges with visual questions. Why? It has got to do with Visual and Spatial abilities, which can be trained to improve.

Developed by Norman Tien, one of Singapore’s prominent PSLE Math trainer, the simple-yet-effective strategies are based on his neurocognitive approach to assist students to “see” and solve math visual questions with ease. Drawing upon the Visual & Spatial Enhancement curriculum, a unique and effective programme of Visual Cognitive development and training, Norman will show how you can guide your child to master the art of solving challenging math visual questions through the use of his innovative strategies. 

This invaluable learning programme is a compilation of genuine examination visual questions sieved from various school examination papers, worthwhile of the students’ time. The questions are organised into 8 main Visual strategies. It provides a comprehensive exposure to the different types of challenging visual questions, enabling parents to help their child:

  • Recognise the different properties of challenging visual questions
  • “See” and dissect complex diagrams to simple basic shapes
  • Solve problems easily using proprietary strategies

Seminar Details

Date: 23 May, Saturday

Time: 9am – 12nn
Venue: Neuroscholars @ Parkway Parade
             80 Marine Parade Road, #17-02 Parkway Parade, Singpore 449269
Fees: $180/pax for Non-Neuroscholars Parents /  $20/pax for Neuroscholars Parents

BUT, if you are interested, there is a special offer for you @ $20/pax (Usual price:$180/pax).  
Applicable to the first 5 early birds so do register now! 

Click here to register.


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