Explore New Horizons At The Revamped Omni-Theatre

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The Science Centre Singapore (SCS) is one of our favourite educational places to visit.  Each time AJ and I go there, we must visit the Omni Theatre, we would catch an IMAX movie, otherwise our trip would seem incomplete. 

The Omni Theatre was closed on 17 April for a revamp. Now, the upgraded Omni Theatre will be opened to the public on 30 May 2015 (Sat) as a dual-technology edutainment destination, fitted with the world’s latest and brightest 8K digital fulldome system to complement the existing IMAX 70mm film projection system on Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen.

During the preview on 25 May, we were given the opportunity to immerse in this digitally enhanced experience.  We transcended physical boundaries and got to travel virtually to remote locations on Earth and in space to learn more about astronomy, space science and exploration, all from the comfort of the newly upgraded seats at Omni Theatre.

"This immersive 8K experience, augmented by the real-time live astronomy presentations conducted by our team of science educators, will enable visitors to explore and learn about space like never before."
Mr. Clarence Sirisena, Deputy Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore.

From 30 May, you will be able to enjoy a choice of digital fulldome movies and “Live” shows with topical, real-time presentations conducted by SCS science educators.  The “Live” shows are powered by the 8K digital fulldome system and Digistar 5 visualisation software with video playback and real-time computer graphics rendered accurately with high-resolution detail, along with real-time data from the likes of American Museum of Natural History and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

We viewed our Earth from the varsity of the universe.

As we drew ourselves further and further away, all we saw was the Milky Way

Back to the Moon for Good

We were given the opportunity to watch the digital fulldome movie “Back to the Moon for Good”, and “Live” shows “Cosmic Surfing” and “Exploring the planets”.   I have to say, the 8K digital fulldome experience was stupefying.  The 3D effect was so real (no 3D glasses required), when the screen rotated, I felt like it was my seat that was being shifted, and I felt as if I can jump into the space (no, I didn’t attempt).

Here's the offering from 30 May onwards:

"With the powerful 8K digital fulldome system installed at Science Centre Singapore, the audience can enjoy the latest and the best immersive dome cinema experience.  They can choose to embark on a real-time voyage into space, where the science educators have full control over what they want to show and where they want to bring the audience, and at the same time teach them about space science and exploration. There are also several digital movie productions that can further introduce the marvels of space and spur even greater interest in astronomy and beyond."
Scott Niskach, Director of International Sales, Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation. 

The revamped Omni Theatre is truly one experience not to be missed. For show times and tickets, please visit http://www.omnitheatre.com.sg/


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