Sherlock Sam and the Fiendish Mastermind in Jurong

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School's Out!  Books Are In!

Hi there!  That is Watson, the robot that accompanies AJ to sleep every night.  Watson is Sherlock Sam’s robot, made by his awesome dad, in the Sherlock Sam series.  AJ loves this series right from the start of the first book 'Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong'. And this book got me hooked too.  I never knew so much about Katong though I grew up there.  It put me to shame when I knew that I am worse off than an 'Angmo' (Adan Jimenez, the author).  AJ got Watson (this one in the picture) during 1 of those meet-the-author sessions.  He answered a question correctly and that was his reward.

The first Sherlock Sam book started AJ's reading adventure in the series with Cher Lock, the main character of the book, as he became his faithful follower.  Every time a new book in this series is launched, this mommy here would have to steal, borrow or buy a copy for him to read.

Thanks to Epigram, the publisher of the Sherlock Sam series, I need not do any of these when it comes to this latest book.

The book arrived on a weekday morning and I conveniently placed it on the dining table.  When AJ came back from school and spotted it, he couldn’t resist the temptation to lay his hands on it and went straight into it without shower, without lunch.  I had to negotiate with him, allowing him to finish a chapter before he was willing to take his shower then lunch. As expected, he finished that book in one sitting and revisited it countless times.

I finally got a chance to read after my exam, and in one sitting as well.  Well, it is really hard to put down a book when you have riddles to solve, a robot to find and an engaging storyline. AJ was particularly thrilled to solve the last riddle because it involves elements in the periodic table, something which he, for some strange reason, has an affinity to.

All illustrations above were taken from the book and they were drawn by Andrew Tan (also known as drewscape)

In this book, Watson, Sherlock's robot, was kidnapped by one of his classmates.  Sherlock and his parents and friends went around Jurong, solving riddles, trying to locate and meet Sherlock's arch enemy to get back Watson.  Did they eventually find Watson? Or did Watson 'die'? Police Officials were involved in the investigation, which complicates the matter. How was the case solved? Read the book, you and your child(ren), to find out.

Sherlock Sam series is available in all major bookstores and Epigram's webstore.
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