Happy Mothers' Day to These 3 Mothers!

The social media platform is a double-edged sword, I believe everyone will agree with me.  One has to be really wise in receiving information from it, and in the putting up of information.

Over these few years of using the social media, fortunately for me, I have come across a few women, they are mothers, to be precise, who have provided guidance and advice to me in facilitating AJ's homelearning journey.  These mothers may not know the impact they have created via their postings and their sharing in the social media platform, but without their unselfish and open sharing, frankly, I would not have known how to better help AJ in his learning.

AJ is a special child, we noticed that since he was 2-3 years old. We arranged for a professional test on him when he was 5, and it confirmed our suspicion.  Because he was neuro-wired as such, we need to provide him with the necessary stimulus to keep him challenged. The open sharing of these mothers on the various social media platforms have benefited me greatly. I was able to tap on their sharing (because of what they had gone through) and provide AJ with the right stimulus.

(1) Pamela Lim

She needs no introduction, especially if you are a parent.  I wrote a short post about how I came to know her. You may like to read it here.

I only have one special child, but Pamela has more.  She shared generously in her talks, in her Facebook posts and in our messages exchanged,  the ways/tools/avenues we could consider for our children.  Through her sharing, I got to know the stimulus I could give to AJ to keep him constantly challenged.

Thank you so much, Pamela! I do hope to see you again soon!

Monica is a mother of 2, an entrepreneur (corporate writing) and she blogs occasionally.  Ever since I came across her blog, I have been a faithful reader.  Through her blog sharing, I came across many useful resources that are available to the general public which can be especially helpful for nurturing special children.

Really, had she not shared those posts pertaining to education, we might not have discovered how much interest AJ has in Science and his strength in Maths.

Thank you very much, Monica!  I do hope the workshop that we have been discussing on would come through!

Most people would recognise her.  She was an ex-deejay, now the owner of EduPlus Language Centre and Rediffusion.  AJ attended the Public Speaking course in her education centre during his pre-school days, and that was how I got to know her.  Subsequently, we stay connected via the social media platform.

I give credit to her. The fact that AJ could speak and present fluently in Mandarin was because of the training he received in her centre and her constant sharing with parents in our regular meet-the-parent sessions.  She has such great passion for Chinese that anyone who goes near could feel it.

Now, through the Textbook Candy produced by Rediffusion, AJ got to revise his Chinese chapter by chapter by following the TV programme.

With Mothers' Day coming, I just want to use this social media platform to thank these mothers who have helped AJ in his education path.  I hope that I will use this platform wisely too, to benefit others.

Happy Mothers' Day to you,
Pamela, Monica and Eeva!


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