6 Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers' Day is just 3 weeks away (4 Sep; celebration is on 3 Sep), have you or your child prepared any gifts for his/her teachers? 

For the last 2 years of AJ's formal education, I had not been really paying much attention to planning or preparation of the gifts, except for one departing teacher when he was Primary 2. Most of the time it was kind of an impulse purchase of gifts, which is quite bad I think.

However, with the huge leap in terms of workload from Primary 2 to Primary 3, I am a lot more involved in his school work this year, and so, it explained how I started to see the efforts put in by his teachers. To show my appreciation towards some of these teachers, beside gifts given by AJ, I intend to drop them a personal card together with my token of appreciation as well.

Instead of spending money on gifts which the teachers may not find useful, I would rather get them something they will use or consume. The least that they want are fake flowers, soft toys and ornaments which give them headache on storage. So I approached some of my teacher friends to find out what kind of gifts they would prefer. Here are some suggestions given by them:

(1) Red Pens

Ha! We all know teachers use a lot of red pens, and they certainly wont mind keeping inventory of them. Put them into a nice pen holder with an elegant gift wrap will make a very presentable and functional gift!

(2) Coffee/Tea Sachets

Funny! I have never thought of these but one of my teacher friends actually told me she prefers these because they come in handy when she need a coffee/tea break. She mentioned specifically sachets, not tea leaves or coffee beans, as the latter are too cumbersome. Parents do take note!

(3) Honey

Yes, teachers use their voice often, so a good jar of honey will be a gift they appreciate much! I would recommend organic raw honey, you may read the link here to find out why.

(4) Almond Butter Spread

Ever since I started on Paleo diet, I learned that peanuts are not nuts, and the phytic acid found in them are no good for our guts, so I have shunned away from peanut butter spread, besides peanuts.

But there is a better alternative out there. It's almond butter spread! Kareen, a former teacher, from Mum In Sync made them by hand, with no preservatives added, which make this gift even more cordial. You may order them from Nuts about Butter or Redmart.

(5) Bakes

Do you bake? Teachers love receiving food! Haha! So if you do bake, bake some cupcakes, specialty bread or macarons, I'm sure the teachers would love them. I would prefer home-bake than buying off-shelves because you can control the ingredients that go in when you bake them at home. Those bought from shops generally have preservatives in them.

Photo Credit: lynnlly.com  (she bakes!)

(6) Customised Mugs

How about customising mugs for teachers? The Gethsemane Care Ministry (TGCM), set up in 2005 by Gethsemane Bible Presbyterian Church, is a Gospel outreach (non-profit & self-sustaining) to those who are enslaved in the bondage of drug addiction. The Ministry serves to improve the life of the residents by providing livelihood and preparing them to integrate back to society. Recently they expanded their line of service to high resolution Photo Mug Printing services. The customised mugs, ranges from $7 to $11, are ideal and especially meaningful gifts for loved ones for all occasions, like the upcoming Teachers' Day. Your patronage of the services offered by TGCM will go a long way in helping this ministry continue to be viable and effective. To engage their service, please call 62816356.

Here are some mummies who have shared their joy on customising mugs:
(1) Growing with the Tans
(2) Mummy Ed
(3) So Oddly Dreamlike

I hope you have found these gift ideas useful. Do start planning/preparing for the gifts now! I have already placed my orders.  :)


  1. Great Ideas! Thanks for a good reminder way ahead!! Sharing your post. : )

  2. My girl started school this year and I have no idea what to get for her teachers. Thanks for the list!


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