It's Me and My Me-Time

Everybody needs some me-time. It is good for the soul.  I use my me-time to do soul searching, to calm myself, to process thoughts, to reflect on life, to heal and to rest. I need those me-time in order to stay sane and to prevent myself from slipping into depression.

Sounds serious? But this is exactly the degree of importance I placed on me-time. My me-time can be categorized broadly into 2 sections: Daily (weekdays) and Annually (August)

Daily (Weekdays only)

From the time I drop the boy off for school till the time I get ready to fetch him, those hours are very much my precious me-time. What do I do during these few hours daily?

I read a wide range of books, but mainly those books of my interest and/or out of necessity.  

I used to jump and jog but I have been experiencing frequent tendon injury that would cripple me for weeks in the last 3 years, so I decided to stay low-impact. When I am at home, I will do the self-modified Kayla Istines Body Guide exercises (low-impact version), or I will follow some exercise videos from PopSugar

When I feel like doing an outdoor activity, I will usually cycle. This is the time when I could get some fresh air and enjoy beautiful scenery. Get ready to be awed by the photos below!

Usually, all these are done before 9am, for I have allocated 9am to 12nn for some serious work that brings in the bread. 

Annually (August)

This month is our Nation’s birthday, it is also my birthday month, in fact today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! Ever since last year, I decided to allocate 1 month of ‘celebration’ for my birthday, giving myself excuses to indulge. Err... ... why not? 

So what have I treated myself to?

I went for free facial offered by Popular Bookstores for their members. Cheapo, I know. The last time I went for a facial was probably a year ago. Oh dear, I am getting older year after year, I should pamper myself more often right?

We have just been to Firefly Photography for a family photo shooting session 2 months ago (courtesy of Rise and Shine) and I have just received those beautiful photos yesterday! But this one with Makeover Inc was a solo one (yah, vain pot, I heard you calling me). I have never done it before, and I wonder where did I garner this courage to do so? I think it must be the little girl in me. :P

I hope I didn't scare you with this photo! This was taken after the make-up but before the makeover photo shoot.

Meal with BFF
A meal with my best friend is a must in our birthday months. Though we see each other almost every Sunday in church, we hardly had any chance to talk to each other in church due to individual commitment and areas of service.

She is a God-send sister-in-Christ, one whom I can confide to, one whom I can pour all my sorrows on. All thanks to her listening ears, prayerful spirit and biblically sound advices, else I might have fallen into depression long ago.

So here you read all about my me-time, how about yours? How did you spend your me-time?

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