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I do online grocery shopping about once or twice a month because I don’t like the idea of breaking my back lugging those heavy detergent, rice, body foam, fruits, etc.  I also don’t like the idea of wasting my precious time shopping for items and queuing to pay. The frequency of my online shopping is determined very much by the fact that I had to pay a delivery charge, so I had better made the extra cost that I’m paying worthy.

Of course, there is some risk involved doing online grocery shopping. I do get dented cans of tuna, mouldy grapes and leaking bags of rice.  As such, I avoid buying perishables online as much as I could, to avoid stale stuff. I could still live with occasional dented cans of tuna and packets of milk.

I also have to bear with the supermarkets' long stretch of delivery time (often a 4-hour stretch).  There were times I really need to be out of the house during the stretch of delivery time and I had to tell the delivery guy who called me when they reached my empty house to just place those items at my door steps, literally. You can imagine if those were perishable items like yoghurt, they would have turned bad! 

Not too long ago, I was contacted by honestbee to try out their service. They gave me some credits and to my readers too (see end of post).  But before I even give a shout-out about this Singapore’s first online grocery concierge service, I made 2 separate purchases through them to test out their service so that I could give you an honest review.

honestbee is an online grocery concierge service that offers same day delivery from multiple supermarkets and boutique stores via a team of trained personal shoppers and delivery personnel. Groceries are hand-picked by a stable of trained concierge shoppers. If you wouldn’t pick mushy apples or dented cans yourselves, you won’t get them from honestbee too because their shoppers hand-picked those items for you, there is really nothing you would end up unhappy with.

On the first test, I bought a can of tuna, a bag of rice and some packets of milk from Fairprice. This was to test the speed of delivery (whether they keep their promise of the one-hour window period) and whether they give me leaking bag of rice, and dented cans/boxes.

On the second test, I bought fresh meat, frozen meat, butter and yoghurt from Cold Storage to test how fast they would deliver them to me because these were items that need to deliver fast to prevent drastic temperature drop. I specifically ordered the delivery time to be 4-5pm, when the sun was still scorching hot.

Both tests were conducted on the same day but different time. And here’s my loot: 

And how do I fare them? 2 thumbs up! Both deliveries were on time. The shopper from the first test even called me to clarify if I want full-cream milk or low-fat milk in case I clicked the wrong button (most people would opt for low-fat milk). They even packed in ice-pack for my perishable items on the second tests!

You could shop from the 11 stores sited in honestbee website at this moment. Be assured that more stores will be added in as they expand their business offering.

When you first created an account, you will be asked for your postal code to determine if your location is served by the team in honestbee.  In my case, all the 11 stores are available for my location.

Then you select the store which you want to get your stuff.

Upon check-out, you'll be asked if you would want replacement of item if the original one you intended to get is not available. It is a very helpful feature. Most major supermarkets don't offer this option. When your selected items are not available, they will simply remove them without replacement.

In my opinion, honestbee is exceptionally wonderful when you need something urgently as they offer same-day delivery (most major supermarkets do not offer that). They also offer free delivery if your purchase is $30 up. This service works not only for busy individuals who need to free up their grocery shopping time for other priorities, it also offers people who need flexible hours an opportunity for work.

Want to give honestbee a try? Now you could enjoy 2 great deals!

(1) As a first-time customer, you will get $10 off for the first $30 of purchase.

(2) On your second purchase, use this promo code MLB10 and you will enjoy $10 credit for a min. of $30 purchase.

So go on, give honestbee a try! Free up your time for more family bonding activities! 

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